Complete blockage of bilateral vas deferens (from testicular reticulum to ejaculatory duct) can cause azoospermia for any reason. According to statistics, clogged azoospermia accounts for about 55% of the causes of azoospermia.

After the occurrence of diseases like vas deferens blockage, patients suffer a lot and so are very distressed, let's quickly discover ways to prevent vas deferens blockage.
Prevention of vasectomy

1. Attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the reproductive system and prevention of various pathogens (especially sexually transmitted diseases) include the most important.

The vas deferens is blocked. The method of examining vas deferens blockage can be determined in line with the specific medical conditions. Testicular biopsy will be the simplest and most feasible method, that is, to analyze testicular biopsy.

If the blood follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone levels are common, testicular biopsy is typical, it can be sure that the vas deferens is blocked, or congenital vas deferens dysplasia.

Otherwise, spermatogenesis can be a problem. An X-ray can even be done, i.e. a seminal vesicle angiography in the vas deferens.

Now people have a new understanding from the basic understanding of vas deferens obstruction disease, and understand the fundamental knowledge of vas deferens obstruction disease, which can help men down the road life to complete a good job within the prevention and treating vas deferens obstruction disease.

Natural therapy including Dr.Lee Diuretics Pill, containing plant ingredients like Houttuynia Cordata and Honeysuckle can kill inflammation, Safflower can promote the blood flow, Angelica sinensis can strengthen our systems, enhance immunity this also pill can unblock your vas deferens in 1 to 3 months.

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Prostate surgery can cause obstruction of ejaculatory orifice, or even without direct injury, but the formation of infection, adhesion and scar after operation can make the vas deferens compressed and obstructed.