Promoting affiliate products off an internet marketing blog offers many advantages provided certain consistencies are maintained! For starters attention must be paid to the product selection and placement to get the best results. In addition your blog posting must not be allowed to slacken or veer off target since ultimately this is what people are really coming to see when they land on your site!

Here are 3 areas a blogger must focus on concerning their affiliate product selection, placement and blog posting to make the most of this opportunity!

Content Relevancy

For starters never lose sight of the topic you chose to base your internet marketing blog on because this content is what people come to see! If your blog posting shifts in direction you risk losing readers and if you intend to earn an income these are the people you will be targeting with your promotion! The rule on all blogs is that the reader comes first and this is very true but especially if you depend upon these readers to also be paying customers! Stay on topic and be sure the content you post is relevant!

Keep Text Links Relevant

Wherever you place a product link be sure it offers something relevant to the immediate context in which it's placed! What you post typically will take slight twists and turns when making a point so be sure your product selection is appropriate for where you choose to place it! By doing this your own post can more effectively help you promote whatever it may be you are offering! On the other hand if you place an offer, or link, in a sentence or paragraph where there is little relevance, readers will be 'blindsided' and tend to completely dismiss the offer!

Careful What You Offer

One thing you need when operating an internet marketing blog is credibility and lots of it if you expect people to make purchases! Having said that the easiest way to undermine your own credibility is through poor product selection! Choosing inferior quality products or those that do not deliver according to their own sales copy will lead to discrediting you and when this trust is gone it is difficult to build back! Strange as it is people tend to remember the bad much longer than the good so beware of this trap when promoting the products of others!

Promoting affiliate products off an internet marketing blog allows for the site administrator to focus on creating content. Not having to invest time or money into developing products is huge but affiliate product selection, placement and blog posting need to be consistent and relevant as discussed above. By offering the appropriate products within content that is both relevant and interesting, a person can make a good living with an internet marketing blog using this strategy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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