Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a tool that attracts investment strategy which is increasing its popularity with the companies. The ICO Platform is constantly growing; according to the report of Coindesk which was reported in June describes that, in the beginning of the summer, the blockchain projects had attracted around $327 millions by using ICO method. Which was even more than the amount invested by the venture investors ($295 million over the same period).

Anyhow, the authorities of many countries have not yet decided their care about it, and some major states have already begun to ban the ICO. We will tell you how to get this process through content marketing.


1.The announcement on famous ICO Calendars:

The first way is to be taken by the ICO organizers to mention their ICO information regarding the upcoming release of tokens on special calendar sites. There are so many resources where you can publish a schedule of your planned ICO and you can also search for them as well. If you are using any popular blockchain technology such as Ethereum for the ICO, you can Google for calendars to make your project run on them.

Here we have listed few of ICO calendars:

If you look into other popular calendars, you will be able to see many projects which have posted their information.

2.Checking the Interest: Publications in Professional Communities

ICO calendars are the great way to promote your project. But it will not provide the immediate feedback to the people and it will not explain how does it work. So in this case, the second option is more useful, because the ICO promotion will be announced and their links will be shared in social networks and communities.

There is no need of getting trapped between the spam, so you will have to make the professional approach through the professional communities.

Here are just a few of them:

Specialized Forums:

The most popular one is none other than Bitcointalk, where all the ICO projects run. Coindelite forum is also a place where you can discuss about your ICO and you can also promote them.

Thematic subreddits:

Here you can post the articles of your ICO and let people discuss it.

Quora discussion:

Quora is also one of the good community, where you can discuss your project with the people. Here cryptocurrency, the blockchain, ICO discussions take place as general.

LinkedIn professional groups:

LinkedIn is a platform, where you get professional people. So it would be an advantage to promote your ICO on LinkedIn since you can create groups here.

Facebook groups:

Facebook is a large social media which has billions of users, it is also a platform where there are professional groups which discuss ICO, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, etc.

3.Native Advertising, General Topic Media, and Blogs:

After announcing on the calendar sites, forums and on social networks, you should start working on the online media, there are so many options available here, first of all, you will need to have a blog to publish the news, press release, and detail about your business. The medium platform is selected for this purpose.

On one side sending the press release to the media is not a bad idea. On the other side, the number of new blockchain startups and the number of ICO is increasing day by day. So in the future, we can not even expect whether we may get the free platform to promote or not.

Few best Press release sites are:

In this case, if you are working with the media on the cryptocurrency topic, you should also hold some budget to promote your content. On popular foreign media, the price may cross ten thousand dollars. This is one of the disadvantages of native advertising.

The fact is, blockchains not only use crypto startups but it uses projects from more familiar business areas such as digital advertising, etc. So due to this, the price of online media in the cryptocurrency segment may become meaningless. In this case, it is more useful to post the articles and post the comments. Because it can be read by so many users.

At the end, you need to try everything

Analysis of methods that promote ICO from publications which are published on media and blogs on calendars and social networks - shows that popular ICO teams use everything. It requires more effort, so you have to plan a campaign promotion in advance: regarding the announcements, social networks, columns and definitions for media and blogs at least before 2-3 months.

Content Marketing is a great way to promote your ICO.

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Garry Singh is one of the best digital marketing expert, based in financial capital of India that is Mumbai.