If you recently signed a publishing contract to have your book published, at one point or another you will want to know how you can sell your book. As with any service or product being sold, you will need promotional resources in order to market your book. For you to do this successfully you need an organized book promotion plan. Depending on your publisher, agent and your contract, part of this responsibility will fall on you as the author.

So, now how do you begin the book promotion? The answer is not a simple one. Actually there are many ways available to any enthusiastic author. The task at hand is choosing those which you are willing to take. If you are independently well off, you might consider hiring marketing firms. However, for the vast majority of authors, marketing their books falls deftly on their shoulders. Below are some ways to promote your book.

1. Article Marketing
This avenue entails lots of writing, but as an author you are pretty good at it and this should be a piece of cake, so to speak. You can write articles which speak about the subject of the book and are informative. You can consider excerpts from your work for inclusion. Even those people who want to write about a different topic than their book touches can still use article marketing to their advantage. This can be easily done by including the link to your work in the author resource section which is provided by the article house.

The answer here is to not just writing and submitting one article to one article web sites, but writing many articles over a period of time to many article websites. Example of article house which you can submit your articles include Article Garden, EzineArticles, GoArticles, ISnare, Self Growth, and Associated Content. Some of them are paid while others are free submission websites.

2. Newsletter Marketing
On the same direction, writing newsletters can help you in your book promotion. This again requires a firm commitment since you will need to provide the newsletter on a regular basis, without failing. Your content is the key and if it is not informative probably you are going to lose the hard sought readership, and after all, readers are what you are after.

Some newsletter platforms are free while others are expensive. Examples of websites offering newsletter marketing include Your Mailing List Provider, Constant Contact and AWeber. The greatest advantage to newsletter marketing is that you are able to build your list of contacts that read and enjoy your work. These are the same readers who will buy the books once they are aware of the books availability.

5. Blogging
Blogs are great tools for authors in book promotion. They allow authors to instantly interact with their audience. However you need to offer relevant and interesting content on a regular basis.

These are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. If you want to ensure the success of your book promotion it is up to you to promote your work. For more ideas you can search online or hire a marketing firm which can further assist you to achieve the best seller status that you and your book deserves and get the traffic to your site.

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Steve Smith is a content writer for Bookkaholic Magazine which hosts many book giveaways and offers book promotion opportunities. Steve Smith is currently working on his second novel and is attempting to publish his first. He has been writing content since taking his Bachelor of Arts 10 years ago. Bookkaholic continually makes great content for readers to find good books and fun information about their past favorite books.