Although, Australia is one of the few parts of the world experiencing pleasant winter weather as the temperatures rarely drops to the minus degrees, some areas stand witness to freezing nights. Snowfall is pretty uncommon here except for a few regions. 

It’s true that the country won’t let you feel winter bites to a great extent, yet you may like to take some primary precautions for maintaining your property during this time of the year. Especially, as you think of protecting your property don’t forget to include gates into the list. After all the gates outside have been perennially helping you and your loved ones stay safe inside. 

Don’t let winter take toll on the functionality of gates installed at your home. To ensure that the gate operator continues to work with efficiency and to see that there is minimal wear and tear over the season here are guidelines for you to follow: 

  • Get the gates serviced regularly to keep tab on its operational abilities. Every year you must invest an amount on gate servicing to ensure that the motor runs smoothly throughout the year. 
  • If the temperature is going somewhere near the freezing degrees, make sure you have operated the gates at least a couple of times in a day. This will help the motors run smoothly even as the season leaves. Warm motors start up fast. Every day usage is a pretty effective way to keep away from binding mechanisms. Also, the process will ensure that the inner mechanisms are able to operate freely. 
  • One of the chief ways of ensuring that the Driveway Gates are in perfect condition is by evaluating the functionalities of the drive gear, the link levellers and the drive rack. Watch out for any signs indicating an alignment issue. 
  • Always properly grease up the hinges so that they remain free during the freezing season. Call up technicians to evaluate the functional condition of the gates. They should be tested at regular intervals. 
  • Look up near the gates; is the drainage facility surrounding the area, in suitable condition to drive away excess water? Even though your area may not be hit by snow, but what if it happens suddenly? Watch out for melted ice or rain, which must be drained well. Since Gate Motors are often boxed underground, check if they are free from drainage water or debris. Furthermore, situations may turn worse if water remaining trapped inside, freezes. This will sooner or later prevent the motor from functioning. 

The best would be if you can install a heater near the operators. The heater will keep the motors warm. If the temperature happens to fall it’s hard to stop the freeze as a result of which the gearbox can get affected because the greasing oil will start to freeze as well. In order to ensure that a gating system works properly, owners should keep an eye on the hydraulic fluid by keeping it warm all the while. Make sure the gates to your property stay in perfect condition even after the season leaves. 

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The author runs a business delivering Driveway Gates. With an aim to educate users about the functionalities of driveway gates, the author has come up with interesting blogs focussing on maintenance of the barriers.