Owing to a busy and hectic lifestyle, parents hardly get any time to spend with their children. Even when at home most of the parents are occupied with their office work and spend hours on laptops and mobiles. When your child sees this it definitely affects his mindset to some extent. A lot of parents feel pride in saying that the children especially toddlers know how to operate mobile phones. Well there is nothing to be proud about as the use of mobile phones can adversely affect your child and they will become addicted to these. Mobile phones are very harmful to children as these can affect their mental growth as well as lead to various health issues.

Mobile phone addiction limits your child's physical activities as he/she spends most of the time sitting in one place. This promotes a stagnant lifestyle which in turn leads to obesity. This habit that develops in childhood will stay with your child throughout and also create many problems for him/her in future.

When a child spends most of his time on mobile phones, he/she hardly notice is what is going on around him. This limits the child social development as he does not interact with others around him.

Excessive use of mobile phones also hinders the mental growth of your child and this has also been proven scientifically. It can also lead to cognitive delay.

A lot of people worry about how they can stop their children from getting addicted to mobile phones. Keeping your children away from mobile phones can be a very difficult task. In this article, we have suggested some tips that will help you to prevent your child from developing an addiction to mobile phones.

Avoid using mobile phones in front of your children - when you use a mobile phone in front of your children it is surely going to affect them. Children usually look up to their parents as their role model. Whatever you do is directly going to influence your child. Refrain from using mobile phones when your child is with you. If there is an emergency, go to some other room and use your cell phone there.

Instead of showing them videos of poems just play the audio - a lot of parents try to grab the attention of your child by playing videos of cartoons and rhymes on mobile phones. Instead of doing this try other methods. Just play the audio instead of the video and keep the phone hidden. Sing along and encourage your child to do the same.


Ask your family members to help you in the process - we understand that it is not possible for parents to spend quality time with their children every single day, however you can ask your family member, parents, siblings or elder children, if any, to spend time with the child such that they do not become dependent on mobile phones and other gadgets. Allow your child to make new friends and invite them occasionally. Also, encourage your child to interact with other children in his/her class.

Keep away the mobile phones especially when you are with your children - A lot of parents tend to hand over their mobile phones to their children when they are busy so as to keep them occupied. When you are with your child try to focus all your attention on him/her. If your child is trying to seek attention, try to take out some time for them. You can play games and interact with them. You can also take them out occasionally.

Mobile phone addiction is something that can easily affect any child. Hence it is better to not take the problem lightly and stick to the above-mentioned tips to avoid your child from getting addicted to cell phones and other similar gadgets. Spend more and more time with your child and keep them away from such gadgets as much as possible. Instead of making your child talk to their friends on phone, let them meet in person and interact with each other.

We live in an era of high technological advancements where man has become dependent on various gadgets and appliances to carry out his day to day work. Mobiles and laptops were actually invented to save our time but now we waste most of our time on these. It is not only the adults who are getting addicted to mobiles but little children as well. Mobile phone addiction can affect your child physically as well as mentally and lead to obesity, various eye-related problems, fussy behavior etc. A lot of parents hand over their phones to their children to play games and watch pictures and videos while they are busy. Once a child gets used to this it becomes very difficult to get rid of the habit. As per the principle of one of the best Preschools in India , children look up to their parents as their idols and copy whatever they do. If you keep using mobile phones in front of your children, they will definitely want to do the same.

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Hence you can easily prevent your children from becoming addicted to mobile phones by bringing about some changes in yourself and ensuring minimal use of mobile phones in front of your children. Use the mobile phone only for taking calls and avoid playing games, watching videos and chatting while you are with your children. Also, it is better to get your child enrolled in a play school as this will help you your child to indulge in more physical activities and divert his/her mind from such gadgets that are of no use to him/her. You can easily get your child enrolled in one of the top 10 play schools in Ghaziabad . This also holds true for television and computers. It is advisable to limit the time your child spends on these and in fact if possible encourage your child to completely abstain from spending time on these.