Unfortunately, most of the dogs are constantly exposed to accidents: accidents, poisoning, dog fights, burns … At this point, our pets need special attention and the help of animal veterinary hospital – knowing how to behave in critical situations and timely opportunity to help, will help to save the life of your pet. If possible, contact a veterinarian at the animal veterinary hospital immediately.Stay calm and assess the situation.

Frightened and injured animal is in a state of shock.
Therefore, the dog may bite anyone who tries to touch it, until the owner. At the risk of being bitten (but with the absence of shortness of breath), wrap the face of a dog by any available materials (shawls, scarves, ties) and tie it at the back. For small dogs is enough to cover the head with a soft cloth (any clothes that you can take: jacket, hat, scarf, etc.). Never give to your dog human medications: most drugs are harmful! Transport the animal to the animal veterinary hospital very carefully so as not to cause further injury.

Traffic accident
When you are near the driveway, you should put on a dog leash. Remember, that even slow-moving vehicle capable to inflict serious damage. If an accident still happened, quietly, without sudden movements come to the dog. Do not panic and do not cry, this behaviour only scares your dog even more. If the dog is able to walk independently, and has no apparent damage, you still need to show it to the vet at the animal veterinary hospital.

There may be internal damage not immediately apparent, but manifested later. If the dog cannot go, it must be transported to the animal veterinary hospital immediately. The small dog, you can take on hands: one hand on its chest, the other – for the back. For large dogs you should improvise stretchers, made of coats, jackets and blankets. If a dog is paralyzed (be careful, maybe touched the spine) – carefully place it on a hard surface such as a wooden board, covered with a blanket and immediately call to the animal veterinary hospital for detailed instructions.

When bleeding, you need to put the tourniquet just above the bleeding wound. As the tourniquet can be used the scarf, shawl. Never leave the tourniquet more than for 24 hours. If it is impossible to apply a tourniquet, clamp arm to the nearby blood vessel and hold it. Immediately, take the dog to the nearest animal veterinary hospital .

First aid is to stop the flow of poison in the body, preventing its absorbability into the blood and the rapid excretion of the poison from the body. It is necessary to induce vomiting. Try to determine what substance has poisoned the dog ; it will help to do the veterinarian at the animal veterinary hospital.

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