A strength and fitness course comprising elements of gymnastics, aerobics and weight lifting, CrossFit training is a truly strenuous exercise program that can leave you drained and aching all over. And though the physical results of heavy training are satisfying, good for your muscle mass and highly health-beneficial in the long run, picking yourself up after a taxing CrossFit session is not such an easy and fun-filled task for beginner fitness-goers. Here, we have some tried and tested tips on how to pull yourself together and get back in the saddle in a flash after an exhausting CrossFit training.


A good night’s rest is essential


After an hour-long CrossFit training, it will take you the remaining 23 hours of the day to get back into a shape and prepare for the next workout session. To achieve maximum results, it is essential for any CrossFit enthusiast to get proper rest – without a good night’s sleep and optimized recovery time, all other recuperation factors will not produce adequate results. The body needs eight hours of sound shuteye to restore hormonal balance and achieve sufficient production of serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, cortisol, testosterone and growth hormones. This is one of the main reasons a lot of CrossFitters consider it not to be a simple training regime, but a complete lifestyle.


Adequate post-workout nutrition


Another factor that contributes to speedy post-workout recovery, adequate nutrition is another must for a CrossFit fan. For optimized high-intensity interval training results, the body needs quality proteins and carbohydrates to make up for the lost energy, but there’s a problem – your appetite may take a sudden plunge due to exhaustion and heavy training. That’s where tasty protein shakes come in – simple to make, easy to wolf down and rich in vital nutrients, liquid food can help replenish your body without taking away extra energy needed to digest protein-rich grubs – and blended concoctions are also extremely tasty, too, so both your recovery and satisfaction are guaranteed.


Keep your body hydrated 24/7


Even without exercises, sufficient hydration is essential for a normal functioning of the body. Throw CrossFit training in the equation and adequate H2O and fluid intake becomes a paramount factor in proper recovery. To get the most out of your liquids intake, try one of the original Kill Cliff formulas: rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, micronutrients and 100% free of added sugar and artificial colors and flavors, these refreshing drinks will keep your metabolic processes seamless and your body fit and ready for the next CrossFit session.


Supplements for a happy body


Getting in enough vitamins and minerals through food during the CrossFit training regimen is not easy as your body is using up much more nutrients than through any other exercise course. Some off-the-rack supplements may come in handy – with high quantities of zinc, magnesium and vitamins D and B, fitness-oriented supplements can speed up recovery and provide all the chemical compounds your body needs to stay healthy and in shape.


Contrast showertime

According to Thomas Kurz and his Science of Sports Training, cryotherapy (cold showers for you in the cheap seats) can significantly impact your recovery after a painstaking CrossFit session. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, cold water and ice can help deter muscle inflammation, cell hypoxia and excess waste of muscle tissue, so it may be wise to take an alternate hot-cold water shower after your workout session and prevent muscle soreness and aches that may ruin your next training.

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