You may be thinking a wheel and a castor are the same thing. They are and they are also not. We know, that is confusing and that is why the experts at are here to better explain what one is and exactly how to purchase one for your exact needs. Keep reading to learn how to purchase castr wheels.

A castor and a wheel are typically used as the same thing because they refer to a similar object. It can be confusing. A wheel is a round object that will roll. The wheel will rotate on top of the axle and the shaft passes through the wheel in the center of it. It can be both spoked as well as solid. Wheels are made from only one material however there are many different things the wheel can be made from. Some of these include steel, V-groove, hard rubber, polyolefin, nylon, and phenolic wheels. The type of material will depend on your specific need for the wheel. If you want a spoked wheel, the design will be more of a tire mold and other materials. If the wheel is solid, that means the spoke will be in the center of the wheel. There is a common term when talking about wheels. That term is “mold-on wheels” and this refers to the tire molded into other materials that mold together in the middle of the wheel. The core of the wheel is made from either iron, polyolefin, aluminum, or iron. When you are trying to make a choice on the type of tire to use, try looking at the types of hardness that will help with a specific application.

Next, we are going to talk about the different kinds of parts you want to look at when looking at the castor wheels. This will help you make the choice as to what you need it for and what will be best for you and your business.

The first to note is the load weight. This means that the higher the weight, the larger the wheels should be. It also should be denser. The gross weight of the truck should also be distributed in weight actually so it stays level for you or for your customers.

The next part to look at is the floor conditions because this can ultimately affect the performance of the wheel. You can look this individually for your specific needs.

There are unusual conditions that may occur. This is completely normal and something that you should take into consideration. It’s important to know which wheel is the best for each activity and to know where its weaknesses lie.

What kind of climate do you live in? In climates where it has a lot of heat in the summer and the temperatures rise up high, it can end up warping the wheel. The same goes for places that have very low temperatures. If you live in one of these two types of climates, it’s important to speak with someone to understand which types of castor wheels to avoid purchasing.

The final type of wheel to keep in mind how it roles. You never want it to be hard to roll. The larger the wheel and the larger the material is, the easier the wheel will be to roll around. Many people like the ball bearing because this is easier to roll. The negative here is that it cannot actually carry a lot of weight on it. Again, you need to keep in mind what you will be rolling so you can determine how large the wheels will need to be in order to roll it easily. It’s also important to note that the ease of the rolling will be affected by almost every part of the environment around it.

Here are some things to also keep in mind in order to find the perfect wheel:

Search online: There is a vast variety online and it’s important to think about going in person and actually seeing products and looking up different options online.

Reviews: Make sure you look at reviews too and not just listen to what others are telling you like the store workers. Find out how people are liking those wheels and things they are not liking about them so you can see if you may have those same issues or that is not a factor for you.

Ask questions: Make sure you ask questions. There are trained professionals that should be able to help you find a perfect wheel for you. There is no such thing as a stupid question so make sure you ask multiple questions.

As you can see, it’s important to purchase a castor wheel depending on your specific needs. Before you start shopping for castor wheels, you can start looking at the floor conditions it will roll on and things like how much weight it may need to be able to carry as well as anything else that may affect the rollability of it too. Remember to ask experts questions and to look online for different reviews. For more information on castor wheels, contact us today.

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