Purchasing curtains for the first time may seem to be a bit confusing as there are various types of curtains that are readily available in the market. Without knowing what details you would need before purchasing curtains, there is the huge risk of you ending up buying curtains that do not fit your home. If you’re a first time buyer, here are the most important details that you need to factor in before setting out to buy ring top curtains.

1. Curtain Rods
One of the most important factors that you need to consider is your curtain rods as this is where you would be hanging the curtain. Measure the diameter of your rod so that when you purchase the ring top curtains you can be sure that the rings will fit and glide smoothly on the curtain rods. This the most common thing that most forget to measure and then end up having curtains that they cannot hang.

2. Window Dimensions
You window dimensions play a crucial role when buying ring top curtains or any curtain for that matter. Make sure that you measure the width and height of your windows to make sure that you get a curtain that can cover the entire window. Depending on how much shirr you want on your curtains, you need to add this up to the width. Also measure the length of the curtain rods as the rods are really made to be longer than the window width so that when you close the curtains, no light would seep in. As for the height, decide on how long you want your curtain to be. For short lengths, add around 3-5 inches from the base of your window. For mid-length, add about 10-12 inches or measure from the base until the midway point in between the base of the window and the floor. For full-length, measure from the base of the window up until around 2 inches before it reaches the floor and add this to the window height. Remember to factor in how much height or length the rings will add.

3. Panel Count
A typical window uses 2 panel curtains. This is the curtain type which allows you to open the curtains in the middle and gather it at each side. If your window is very wide, you can opt to have more than 2 panels. Just remember to take the measurements as detailed as you can.

4. Design and Material
This part depends highly on your taste and needs. You can go for printed curtains, plain curtains, light colours, dark colours, thick fabric or light fabric. Just make sure that you would love the design that you pick and also make sure that the material will serve your main purpose for having a curtain.

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If you want to decorate with ring top curtains, take these tips to purchasing what you really need.