Those shopping for the ideal engagement ring for a potential future fiancée are likely filled to the brim with stress and anxiety. After all, those who have finally made the decision to propose will have to wrestle with feelings that they might not be enough, or their partner might decline. It’s the kind of situation where feelings can easily bottle up.

Fortunately, there's no reason to resign yourself to stress, especially if you know you can get the best possible ring for your partner. Engagement rings count for quite a lot when popping the question, which is why you can increase your chances of success by focusing on the ring. Here are some best-practice methods to help you purchase the perfect ring for your partner.

Does size really matter?

Without a doubt, there are some who think that gem size comes first when it comes to engagement rings. However, does your partner feel that way? Are they the type to care about the size of the stone when thinking about engagement rings? You've likely been with them long enough to have an idea of whether or not it matters.

It's the kind of thing that comes into play for those that might not have enough money to get a flawless ring, even if they might want to. You've likely already had talks with your partner about what they love about jewelry, though it might be a good time to speak with their friends and family about their preferences. It can be a little risky though, as they could tell your partner and ruin the surprise. If you want extra insight, you can watch this engagement ring video to help put things into perspective.

A custom ring can make all the difference

In many ways, the way you feel about your partner is unique to you. Considering that the engagement ring is a symbol of how you feel, as well as your plans for the future, it’s not too bad to consider a custom ring. In fact, you can work with your preferred jeweler to come up with a ring that is unique to your partner. The best part is that no one else in the world will own such a ring, and it’s not necessarily going to break the bank.

How you can save money while staying classy

While trying to save money when purchasing an engagement ring can feel a little strange, a flawless ring will be much more than most people can buy, even if they’ve spent months saving up. You can save on money without sacrificing quality by focusing on the cut of the gem over carat, clarity, and color. While it does not mean neglecting other aspects, you can play around with various grades so long as you focus on the cut. That way, the stone remains brilliant despite cutting some corners, giving those with budgetary constraints the chance to buy the perfect ring.

Aside from the above tips, consider looking into the backstory of the stone. It’s always lovely to have an extra detail connected to the engagement ring, such as knowing precisely where the diamond came from.

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