The first part of connecting with the audience is to do the proper research for the event. And by that I mean, you have to do your homework.

You have to consult with the client and event planner and truly understand the reason your presentation has been arranged-- and why they chose you!

You see, past experience has shown me that a poorly prepared speaker cannot properly connect with his audience.

Make no mistake: Like an audience who has repeatedly seen a magician's trick, your attendees will see right through your lackluster presentation. Past experience has show me nothing is as frustrating as listening to an “expert” who knows less than the audience members.

In today’s world with the ubiquitous nature of blogging, email and You- Tube as platforms for opinion and perspective it is easy to forget this important fact:

To truly send a message it's essential to know the message, the impact behind the message and the influence the message can bring to the audience. Here are three ideas to keep in mind about your speaking, your presentations, and the overall effect of your knowledge with your listeners:

• Respect for the audience can be felt at an instinctive level. In the choice to use humor, take care not to humiliate the audience as the connection will be broken instantly and more than likely the audience will turn on the speaker in a flash.

• Keep an honest pulse on the reaction of the audience. Lack of eye contact, failure to respond to jokes or essential points and shifting in seats show the audience is pulling away from the speaker. This is a major red flag.

• Notice when the audience is sitting on the edge of their seats. When they're nodding along with the powerful elements of your speech while holding eye contact with your gaze … well, this is GOOD! This mean you are connected on a deeper level!

Last and certainly NOT least: Do NOT forget to notice where you are and the audience is in regards to your speaking platform. I always stress in my contracts with the client and the event planner that no matter how big the audience … or how small… I need them as close as possible to me.

Why? Simply put, once you create intimacy in the room you will feel an enormous connection with your audience!

You will notice they're smiling faces… the eye contact they make with you. This real synergy breeds a dynamic relationship with you and your listeners.

Mark my words: Create this synergy and watch your presentation come alive… watch as you get bigger laughs during your humorous anecdotes… watch as you get higher evaluation forms… as you make more sales of your products and services in the back of the room that enables you to make a powerful impact in your audiences lives. Then, my fellow speaker, you will realize why you became a speaker! It's a glorious feeling and one you will want to have every time you bound onto the platform on your career!

Author's Bio: 

Peter “The Reinvention Guy” Fogel is a humorist, speaker, seminar leader and proud member of the National Speakers Association who has appeared on over 22 television shows. He delivers presentations on humor, reinvention, copywriting and marketing to corporation and associations across America and parts of Jersey. As an information marketer he is also the creator of Peter Fogel’s Guide to Effective Public Speaking. For more information on his products, or to sign up for his FREE 7 Days to Effective Public Speaking E-course, go to