If you are anything like me, you are always trying to find ways to take a five minute breather… to meditate and to practice mindfulness. When I meditate, you will rarely see me sitting on a cushion, legs crossed, palms up… instead, I draw inward and practice mindfulness every opportunity I get! Here is how I do it..maybe you can share how you do it..

Take Photos of Nature in Motion

We all have cameras on our cell phones.. and when we have a chance, we stop to snap a ‘quick’ picture of something we like. But.. if we stop, and focus on shooting a photo of a flying bird, a tumbling tumbleweed, or even a cute little goldfish…to just witness their movement and savor the moment, while waiting for the perfect time to snap your will notice how much you will relax, your breathing will become calmer, and as a side bonus, you will create some amazing photos at the same time.

Indulge Your Senses

There is nothing more relaxing than walking into a scent filled room. It feels like my senses drink up the smell of essential oils. So, I surround myself at home with candles, soaps, oils and lotions that I love. If I am feeling like my head is swirling, I take about 5 minutes to go sit outside with my bamboo candle, light it, and inhale the wonderful scent. I take the time to be grateful for the time, then for the flame and finally for the scent.. For me, it is very relaxing..

Love An Animal

If you ever want to quickly get into the ‘moment’.. take a few minutes to focus 100% of your loving energy to a pet or another loving animal. Stroke your pet, focussing on loving intent being sent to every part of his body.. You will feel better, and so will your pet. If you don’t have a pet, find one. I was recently out of town, and went to a local animal adoption and spent over 30 minutes giving love to a dog who needed it.. I must have needed it too!!

Create Something

Some of my most peaceful moments have been when I am making jewelry. I am not very good at it, but it certainly is a meditative practice. If you’re not into making jewelry, find something you do like to create, and BEGIN!

Have a peaceful day..and embrace the moment.


Author's Bio: 

Brenda is a successful entrepreneur, who also enjoys educating and informing families about the Highly Sensitive Child.