Creating business that gives you more freedom, more money and more energy isn’t about knocking out a BIGGER to-do list - it’s about prioritizing what most needs your time, attention and energy first, then doing it.

Because let’s be honest, being self-employed is extremely overwhelming and it can feel concerning in terms of what to do when, how much time to focus on this task versus that task.

So what can you do right now to create laser focus and expand time as you build your business from a place of joy and abundance?

It starts by creating an aligned action plan.
An aligned plan is a plan that motivates you and shifts you out of busy-ness and into business.
Again, when I first stepped into being employed for myself, I looked at every time management technique out there.

Honestly, when I look at a lot of time management tools that are out there (and there are a lot of planning tools that are out there...), what I realized is that the majority of them ignore the key factor of your energy – and simply the concept of energy at all.

So let’s go back to what each of us needs.

What we need is to feel motivated, to feel excited. When you’re motivated and excited, then energy moves.

According to Einstein’s definition of time, it was the concept that time is un-measurable. What Einstein emphasized, or how he proved his theory, is that your experience of time changes based on how you relate to it. Really cool when you stop and think about it, right?

When you’re bored, you can feel like you are living the longest hour ever. And when you’re excited and engaged, it’s like the shortest hour ever.

I’ll also give you a little EnergyRICH® secret here: What I’ve come to understand is that when I recognize the moment I start feeling bored with anything that’s happening in my business, I know that it’s time to uplevel.

How can you create an aligned action plan so you can quit wasting time and start seeing the results.

Step1: What I refer to as the EnergyRICH® principle of time division.

This is about time off, time on, and time in your business.

“Time off’ is when you are completely away from your business. Ideally you’re not even thinking about it.
‘Time on’ is when you are engaged in creating in support of your business’ growth (working on your business).
‘Time in’ is when you are serving in your business (serving your clients).
So time off, time on, and time in supports you in holding boundaries and really, truly primarily with yourself as well as with others.

From here you begin to create your EnergyRICH® 30-day plan.

Step 2: Title the plan

Start at the top of the page with the month and the start date or the start date and end date of the 30 days.

Step 3: State your Considerably Huge™ why.

Why are you in business in the first place?

Step 4: Your business’ dire need.

Your dire need is what your business must have to continue to grow and thrive over the next 30 days.

Step 5: Your dire need monthly goal.

What’s key and crucial about this monthly goal is that it must feel doable in the next 30 days.

Step 6: Descriptive word actions.

This is where you identify the actions that must be taken to be able to serve and accomplish that dire need monthly goal. The energetic key here is ‘descriptive word’.

Step 7: Your actions that need an ‘ask’.

When you’re listing out all of the actions that you understand must be taken in order to serve that dire need monthly goal, some of them most likely you will need support with; you’ll need help.

Step 8: Your weekly list.

Now that you’ve listed out all of the actions that must be taken over the month to serve your dire need goal, you want to break down those actions and assign actions per week.

Step 9: Your daily actions.

I don’t recommend doing all 30 days at once, but week by week. So chunking Week 1’s actions down into 5 days.

Step 10: The Universe’s to-do list.

This is a section of the 30-day plan where if, as I’ve been listing out the actions, either something appears to me that seems way too big or overwhelming to deal with on my own or something that’s so big I don’t know all of the ins and outs of the ‘hows’ yet, I will put that on the Universe’s to-do list – I will give it over to the Universe.

Step 11: Your long-term list.

Now, unlike the list for the Universe where it’s so big and overwhelming or you don’t know the “ins and outs” of the “whichs and the ways”, your long-term list is a place for creative ideas to live.

Step 12: Your lower-level energies.

This is where you list out, as you’re putting together your 30-day plan, all the lower-level energies as they start to show themselves – all your ‘Yeah buts’ and ‘What ifs’. As you’re putting together your 30-day plan and you’re telling yourself ‘Yeah, but what if I don’t have enough time’ or ‘What if nobody takes me up on my invitation at the networking event?’ This is where you are identifying limiting beliefs that then you bring to the BTT (Belief Transformation Tool). Rather than allowing lower-level energies to stop you in your tracks from moving, you move forward on your 30-day plan and serving your dire need goal and building your business, you stop those lower-level energies in their tracks, bring them to the BTT, and shift that energy from low to high.

Step 13: Your inner coach.

This is like the bookend of the 30-day plan to your Considerably Huge™ why. This is where you call on your inner coach and your inner wisdom to support you and really identify a high-level belief that says that yes, you can create your intentions over these next 30 days.

Step 14: Your celebrations.

This I recommend as an ongoing list that you’re adding to every day, every week as you go through the 30 days – all the celebrations as you create, as you accomplish, as you attract. You want to be sure that you’re acknowledging them and you’re in full celebration.

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action:

1) Identify time off / on / in for your business for at least the next 30 days.

2) Begin a 30 day plan for the next 30 days.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach, is the creator of the EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success System and a company devoted to teaching coaches, healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs around the world how to partner *Universal Energetic Principles* with practical step-by-step "How-To's" to *joyfully make more money in your business so you can better serve the world*. Her Programs, Live Events and products, show students how to transcend lower level energies like fear and doubt to be able to build their business from a place of serving, joy and abundance. Get started right away with your FREE EnergyRICH® Success CD and Success Report: The #1 Secret Key to a Thriving, Profitable, Prosperous Business as a Healer, Coach or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.