IT Electronic waste or e-waste comprises of all electronic or electrical devices that are about to be discarded by their owners at the end of their life span.

The concept of e-waste recycling is not new at all. In fact, environmentalists and cities have been encouraging consumers and businesses to dispose of their e-waste in a responsible way for a long time now.

There are 3 primary categories of E-waste:

  • Communication devices such as mobile phones
  • Small household equipment such as toasters and vacuum cleaners
  • Large household equipment like washing machines

Ignorance Regarding E-Waste

Most of us don’t consider our un-used or old electronic or electric equipment as waste. Therefore, many end up giving them away to relatives or storing them at home.

The point I’m trying to make is that not many people are aware of effective e-waste disposal methods. Therefore, many businesses and households end up disposing their electronic waste along with other old household items.

However, some NGOs and corporations are doing whatever they can to educate people on the right methods of effectively managing and recycling e-waste. Due to these efforts the people have now started to comprehend the importance of working together to curb the negative hazards of e-waste.

What should be Included in an E-Waste Awareness Campaign?

In order to make such a campaign successful, we must:

Educate People

To put it simply, most people in the UK have no idea whatsoever as to which items qualify as e-waste under WEEE. Let alone the importance of disposing it properly.

We must educate people that many IT recycling companies exist that provide robust resource management, data destruction and renewable materials recycling services.

Spread Awareness Regarding Other Campaigns/Efforts

Most people find the problem of e-waste to be overwhelming because of its enormity. But, as I mentioned before most people don’t know that management of e-waste is possible.

We must highlight the role being played by other campaigns and efforts. For example, Earth Day Network has been encouraging people to dispose their e-waste at IT recycling facilities so that they can be recycled in a safe & secure manner.

People need to be educated about the benefits; this is one of the best ways of urging them to take responsibility.

Get in Contact With Local Media Agencies

We are living in a digital era/age in which information spread like wildfire. You can ask the local TV channel or newspaper to visit your neighbourhood & get in touch with the local administration.

They may end up publishing a special article in their newspaper regarding the importance of recycling e-waste.

Posters and Flyers

There might be some drop off locations in your neighbourhood where people can leave their unwanted electronic equipment.

People usually don’t know much about these facilities. You can create flyers and posters to advertise their business.

Support Relevant Legislations

You can start campaigning for strong recycling laws. A legislation that provides disincentives for landfilling and incentives for recycling can do the trick.

Build Your Own Recycling Centre

Nowadays, every community needs its own recycling centre. Setting one up in your own neighbourhood wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. It will also give people an opportunity to socialize.

The Best Ways to Recycle Old E-Devices

One of the best ways to dispose of your old IT equipment would be to donate it, so that they can be reused or refurbished for some underprivileged members of the society.

You may also contact a reputable computer recycling company to come and collect your redundant IT equipment.

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