What is an erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is characterized by inability to achieve and to maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur at any age and comes in many forms. Inability to achieve an erection leads not only to the physical discomfort in one's life, but is also frequently accompanied by psychological disorders which in turn contribute to the severity of a disease.

What are the causes of ED?

ED can be triggered by two groups of primary causes: psychological (psychogenic) and somatic (organic). Studies of the last 20 years have shown that erectile dysfunctions seldom occur due to purely psychological reasons (stress, depression, behavior, etc.). At the same time, it was discovered that approximately 80% of all cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by some sort of physical (somatic, organic) conditions.

Organic causes are primarily connected with the physical inability to function by those structures, which "form" an erection, namely: blood vessels, nerve guides, hormonal mechanisms and a penis. Erectile dysfunctions can be caused by severe general diseases (such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.). Also, organic impotence may be neurogenic. That is to say that such disorders of the nervous system as neurosis, neurasthenia and spinal cord lesions can lead to erectile dysfunction. Do not forget about the excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, which are frequently present awful companions of impotence. Typically, organic impotence begins gradually.

On the other hand, psychological impotence has sudden onset and is usually associated with certain events in one's life. In this case, quite often impotence is caused by the peculiarities of the men psyche. Caused by psychological rather than medical reasons, psychogenic impotence can compliment any organic erectile dysfunction. At the forefront of the causes of psychogenic impotence are problems which take their roots in personal relationships. Depression, stress, fatigue and general malaise, dissatisfaction with oneself and with a partner, with one's life in general, problems at work and at home, fear of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease (most often this fear is connected to AIDS), the frequent conflicts between the partners - and that's just part of some situations in which man's erection may not appear quickly, disappear completely or be of poor quality. During this time night and morning spontaneous erections, unlike organic impotence, are still present. Often, a single failure can entail a whole chain of complexes.

How common is erectile dysfunction (impotence)?

More than 152 million men worldwide suffer from ED - first and foremost this problem is present in developed countries. According to studies by American scientists 52% of men aged 19 to 59 suffer from a periodic lack of erection. 17% of young Americans under the age of 29 are experiencing problems in sexual life associated with potency.

In European countries the statistics are just slightly better. In France, 11% of men (ages of 18 to 69) have admitted experiencing periodic sexual dysfunctions, including lack of erection. 19% of Germans (ages of 30 to 80) and 12% of Spaniards (ages of 25 to 39) have experienced difficulties in at least half of the cases.

22% of Australian males regularly have problems with erections. From that number 6% suffer permanent erectile dysfunction. More than 90% of Australian men (aged over 80) can not achieve an erection on their own. The healthiest in this area are the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. 65% of Finns aged 40 have never experienced erectile dysfunction. The presence of sexual problems seriously affects the quality of life, sense of masculinity and their ability to enjoy their existence - according to the opinion of 84% of men worldwide.

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