Your employees’ morale is very important for the success of your business. Lack of motivation leads to employees that do not give more than the bare minimum effort towards achieving company goals, while a motivated individual will always strive to go the extra mile. A leader has the important role of providing team members with good motivation in order to increase a team’s feeling of cohesion and belonging. Team building is something that a leader must do constantly, to create motivation and give employees a purpose and the means to achieve that purpose.

Balance praises with critics
It is often said that leaders must not forget about praising employees when they do a good job, but a boss who is too lenient will hurt a team’s motivation in the same way as one who is never satisfied and is constantly asking employees to put more effort into attaining company goals. Make sure that you always compensate outstanding work behavior and do not hesitate to point out weak points whenever needed.

Corporate team building depends on good motivation, and good motivation is created through a careful balance between praises and critics.

Explain expectations
Whenever a new project is underway, the team may have a low morale, because its members have a hard time visualizing the goals. As a leader, it is your responsibility to explain the expectations that come along with a new project and how they must be achieved. Teams that have clear goals,
thoroughly explained, have a much better motivation to work harder and better.

Team building events are a great occasion to provide your employees with essential information about the project. Organize special meetings where team members are allowed to freely speak their mind and ask questions about how the goals should be achieved.

The big ‘why’
Team motivation is nothing without personal motivation. For instance, when you organize philanthropic team building events, you are basically allowing your team members to feel that they are doing something important and that they are giving back to the community. This is a clear and simple example of how motivation works. A happy employee who feels he or she is doing something important is more likely to work better towards achieving company goals, while an unhappy person will have no motivation to do so.

Your best shot is to provide team members with great motivations on why they should work towards meeting certain goals.

Here is a simple corporate morale building exercise you can organize for your team. Ask your employees how they feel certain work related goals can help them from a personal point of view. For instance, ask them if working overtime helps them achieve certain goals, such as bringing home more money for certain things they desire, like a new car or a family vacation. Or, if getting involved in philanthropic activities with the company helps them bring an important contribution to the entire community. There are many reasons why someone may feel compelled to increase their contribution. It is up to you to come up with creative ideas on the subject. Providing your employees with the big ‘why’s will help you achieve company goals better and faster.

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