For thousands of years, people have sought to travel the astral plane for many reasons. Originally seen as a largely spiritual practice, people today travel the astral plane reasons far beyond spirituality. Goals of astral travel include problem solving, healing, fantasy fulfillment, spiritual enlightenment, and conflict resolution. No matter what you seek when you travel the astral plane, it’s important to understand proper techniques in order to succeed. Like all areas of life, energy is an important facet of astral travel. Energy levels must be properly aligned in order for the astral body to be able to travel the astral plane.

Energy and the Stages of Astral Projection

When you endeavor to travel the astral plane, the body and mind will go through several stages. The beginning of your attempts to astral project will involve training or programming the mind to allow separation to become possible. The act of repeating the same routine over and over again will create a system that your mind will memorize. This routine will train the astral body to prepare for separation. This routine will usually involve positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation.

Following the establishment of the routine, the body will be prepared for hypnagogia. This is a highly relaxed state of relaxation. It is believed that without hypnagogia, astral projection is not possible. This state occurs just prior to sleep. The key to astral projection is allowing the body to enter this state while the mind remains keenly aware of the experiences of the astral body. After entering hypnagogia, the astral body can separate. After being in a deep state of relaxation for long enough, the body will begin to feel a vibrating sensation. This vibration is the astral body starting to separate. These vibrations are the energy sources of your astral body, which will remain tied to the your physical self throughout the experience.

Energy Throughout Astral Travel

When the astral body leaves the physical one, it is always tied to it. The energy that remains attached is often referred to as a silver cord. For many, the act of picturing this cord will encourage the feeling of safety in astral travel. The fear of the astral body getting lost on the astral plane is often what will prevent astral travel from taking place. The energy that remains tied to the physical body is seen as the safety net that forces the astral body to always return to the physical body at the end of the experience.

As your astral body travels, the physical body will often feel cold. The removal of energy from the physical body will lower the temperature. Through proper shifts in energy, the astral body can experience an entirely new level of existence. Whether traveling to another time or dimension, the energy of the astral body is a crucial part of the experience. When you attempt astral projection, your physical body will remain in a fully relaxed state throughout the experience. That allows your physical energy to be used by the astral body for travel.

Astral Energy and Projection

Because astral projection has been practiced for thousands of years, there are many methods that can encourage success. Meditation and breathing exercises are always used, no matter what other techniques are in place. This will allow complete relaxation and shift of energy levels from the physical body. With practice, you will learn to control your energy levels so your physical body will learn to subside so the astral one can take over. No matter what your goals are, astral travel can be an intense and rewarding experience.

Since Ancient times, the OBE body has been seen as having the ability to communicate with the spirit world. These energies, which are believed to exist all around us, can have healing powers. When traveling the OBE plane, there are no limits to what can be experienced. By overcoming fear of the unknown, you can encourage your astral body to separate so you can understand why so many people before have considered this a highly spiritual experience. With patience, you to can master the art of astral projection and accomplish any goals you might have when you attempt to travel the astral plane.

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