Raising your level of consciousness is one of the most important endeavors you could ever undertake. People try a lot of things to make them happy. Some seek money, others power and prestige. In the end they all seem to find the same key principle: happiness isn't found in external things. Rather than seeking outside, you have to go in. Happiness comes from how you see the world, which is synonymous with your level of consciousness.

People at very low levels of consciousness will see the world as a dark, dangerous place. Danger is waiting around every corner, and nothing is safe. Each thought and action will ring with scarcity and victimization. Many people live with this mindset their entire lives. They never open their eyes to the true majesty of life.

On the other hand, people at the highest levels of consciousness have a completely opposite world view. To them, life is amazing and beautiful. Each moment is full, complete, and perfect. Abundance and empowerment are common mindsets, and they pursue their goals with vigor and determination.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is the following: How can I raise my level of consciousness? There are plenty of ways to do so. It isn’t such a hard thing to do. All it requires is that you be consistent. I'm going to share a couple simple methods that will get you started.

One of the best ways to start on the path of enlightenment is meditation. Meditation isn't critical thinking or maintaining focus on one subject for long periods of time, as many people believe. In fact, it's one of the easiest things you can do. Simply find a quiet place and relax. Focus on your breathing while watching your thoughts. Don't interact or argue with them, simply watch. After practicing enough you'll notice a shift in perception. This will typically only last a short time at first.

The best way to describe this shift is as a profound sense of peace. Your thoughts will become silent. As you look around the room in that state, you may notice something different about your surroundings. They will appear to be more vivid, as though you’re perceiving a hidden essence that you didn’t notice before. This is especially pronounced because you aren’t used to seeing it. You have temporarily raised your consciousness.

Another powerful method is kindness. Love is infinitely more powerful than hate. By aligning yourself with positive emotions rather than negative ones, you can eliminate that which is holding you back from being happy; namely, your own mind.

Think about how your kindness will brighten people's days, who in turn will bright others. It's an amazing ripple effect. Even something as simple as a kind word can create enormous puddles of happiness down the road. It’s an amazing process, and doing so not only helps your own sense of inner peace, but also helps others with the same thing.

In summary, meditation and kindness are two of the best ways to raise your level of consciousness. By aligning yourself with powerful emotions rather than negative ones, you'll find that you become happier and appreciate life more. There's a lot of beauty in life. You simply have to know how to find it.

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Fred Tracy runs a personal development website where he blogs about his experiences and challenges his readers to consciously grow. Read his article about the levels of consciousness for a detailed description of each level.