You broke up with your significant other. You lost your job. Your bank account’s overdrawn. You’re certain your neighbor joined a rock band just to drive you out of the neighborhood.


These are all things that can cause us huge amounts of stress and even some periods of deep sadness. It’s natural, no? 

Many self-help gurus and new-age spiritual teachers will tell you to respond by thinking positively, being grateful, and changing your vibration. But few, if any, teach us how. Instead, we repeat positive affirmations, list the top things we’re grateful for, and slap a smile on our faces. And, while we’re smiling on the outside, we’re tearing ourselves up on the inside.

The thing is, not acknowledging our feelings is dangerous. As human beings living in a world with the polarity of positive and negative, we are bound to be happy sometimes and sad others. The key to living a joy-filled life and manifesting more of what you want is to be happy more times than you are sad. And this is in your control.

The Vibrational Spiral

Each of us has a range of emotions that flows up and down a vibrational spiral. Vibrational, because every emotion carries a certain frequency and energy, like waves.   The middle of your vibrational spiral is neutral. Getting to this neutral emotion is the goal of meditation


Above neutral are the positive emotions happiness and at the very top pure joy. Below neutral are the negative emotions such as sadness, and at the very bottom, despair. As humans, we have each experienced these emotions at different times. There’s no such thing as a bad emotion. Emotions are just that… emotions. Some feel better than others. But negative emotions have just as much purpose as positive ones. And, when new-age gurus tell you to stay at high vibration all the time, they are negating the value of the negative emotions.

All emotions need to be felt and acknowledged. Spending ten seconds feeling and acknowledging a negative emotion could prevent years spent in addiction trying to cover it up. Too often, when gurus tell us to stay in high vibration, they are doing us a disservice. 

In the Tya practice, short for Trust Your Abundance, we refer to negative emotions as being “down the [vibrational] spiral” (DTS). Negative emotions tell us what we don’t want. They teach us what we prefer. They teach us that we are disconnected from Source energy. And best of all, they are the source of our creativity. Negative emotions arise when we identify a gap between where we are and where we want to be. When we return ourselves back “up the [vibrational] spiral (UTS), we can create a solution to our problem to close the gap and contribute to the expansion of the universe.  The Tya practice teaches that all solutions contribute to the expansion of the universe, which is what each of us is tasked to do in our physical incarnation.

While being down the spiral (DTS) is a natural part of living in polarity — positive/negative, ying/yang — we don’t want to live, nor spend much time, there.  After all, creativity, expansion, and Source connection are only possible up the spiral (UTS). 

How to Go Back “Up the Spiral”

Here are some ways to quickly go up the spiral when we find that we are down the spiral (DTS).


1. Be aware that you are down the spiral (DTS).

This is fundamental to the Tya practice. Knowing you’re on a vibrational spiral allows you to recalibrate and shift to where you want to be. When you notice you are down the spiral (DTS), you can choose to not jump on the thought train and stay there, but follow these steps to get back up the spiral (UTS).


2. Find things to be grateful for in the situation which led you down the spiral (DTS). 

The Tya practice teaches radical appreciation. Appreciate the good and the bad, because there really is no difference. All of it leads to our expansion.


3. Meditate and see the situation in the eyes of Source.

Many religious teachings have built Source in their image -- as inspiring fear and judgement. The truth is that fear and judgement are human-base egocentric qualities mistakenly attributed to Source. True Source does not judge. Rather, Source is unconditional love, and it’s inside of each of us. Imagine adopting the high perspective of Source, seeing and relating to the world without fear or judgement.

Meditation in itself can bring you back to neutral. When you realize that Source is within you, you can see the situation through Source’s eyes, which will bring you up the spiral (UTS).

When we appreciate the experience that led us down the spiral, when we can identify something beneficial that has come from it, we immediately start moving up our spiral.

Most of us experience our emotions like a leaf in the wind, being blown this way and that. Our spiral is constantly in flux due to the natural vibrational flow of energy -- this is the basis of astrology and other energy movement teachings.  But Tya removes the need for the predictive qualities of those teachings, because we control our response to the flow! It's no longer having its way with us. When we realize we are on a vibrational spiral of emotions, we can choose where we reside on that spiral.  This doesn’t mean that we won’t have periods of being down the spiral, but it does mean we don’t have to stay there. 

The Tya practice is about connecting with Source, living in joy, and from that place, manifesting abundance in your life. Before we can manifest abundance, however, we need to be up the vibrational spiral.

The next time you feel down the spiral (DTS), follow the suggestions above. Consistency is key. The more you catch yourself when you’re DTS and get yourself back up the spiral (UTS), the more joyful and abundant you’ll be. 



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