Abundance is the thing which all of you want and yet most of you are bowed down due to the lack of. For those who can live abundantly, this is the thing does not take too much. Simply, all it takes are measures which would cost nothing but a little change in attitude. Goodwill and honesty do it while fear of poverty hinders it for most times. Here are practical steps proven:

It is quite humorous that those who give more usually have more. The fact that the people that are able to give can is not true since they, as most people believe, live on excess. On the other hand, those who give attracts forces in the universe (though it may sound, it seems unbelievable) to have more for them who give more. As giving is practiced, the person finally lives abundantly without expecting anything in return. Attracting the force of receiving is done by the practice of giving.

This is quite difficult, because if it is easy, by now everyone would live abundant lives. People refusing the ability to give have closed fists in case you will and you are miserable. This is the reason why they are called misers by others. People who do give are raised a few notches more and they are happy. In addition, they can get the cooperation from everyone around them and get the reputation of being good hearted, of being trusted and so the opportunities and chances keep pouring in.

Being honest is not just like telling the truth but goes beyond. It is freeing your mind of encumbrances which slows you down. Dishonesty may sever relationships and build the images of untrustworthiness which put off other people. As this happens, your opportunities and chances get less and you cannot achieve cooperation with others, the loneliness get more, and above of all, there is confusion of your mind affecting even the easiest of greater judgment further eroding the capabilities of people. In the world today where every single thing is measured in dimes and cents, honesty is really rare so that it is a highly valuable asset. In honest people there are better dispositions, clear minds and can spot opportunities whenever there is one.

You should believe that this is enough for everybody. Studies show that the world’s resources can provide sufficiently even as the world’s population is tripled. The most successful individuals are those recognizing this and coming up with ideas for harnessing the world's resources and work for them.

Gratefulness is often defined that you have got what you want and are pleased to have it. It breeds contentment enabling you to go ahead. If you are not pulled back by bitterness, you will go faster ahead. Concentrating on good things in life is concentrating on the achievements which you would not have made otherwise. Concentrating on positive things additionally relieves the anger mind which has always resulted to not having being contented or having less of that and results to one thing more deadly called greed.

As your mind is relaxed, you will feel peaceful. If you feel peaceful, you are better prepared for thinking of better ideas Positive thoughts are forces which attract the same force. Then you can live more abundantly.

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