Its feels really bad when someone steels something that you own. I still remember how bad I felt the last time my car’s rear sign was stolen and am sure you felt really bad the last time someone stole something from you too.
But if something as little a 100 dollars or a car sign can make us feel bad if it was stolen then how should we feel if someone attempted to steal our dreams?
The right response would be to become very angry right?
But the sad truth is that most of us acknowledge the process and assists that person in stealing our dreams!!

How do we assist people who steal our dreams?
What was your response the last time someone told you that your goals are impossible to reach?
Most people don’t just acknowledge the opinion of others but they agree with them and give up their dreams completely after few critical comments!!
Do you remember the last person who tried to put you down and to convince you that what you were after couldn’t be reached?
I still remember the many people who told me years ago that making money from a blog was a really bad idea.
Those people are the dream stealers!
They try to steal our dreams by putting us down without really understanding that these dreams are achievable.
I know more that one person who were going to be very successful because they were passionately working on the things they love but sadly they never made it because someone stole their dream along the way!!
Someone managed to convince them that they are going in the wrong direction and so they took a u-turn and started on something else.

What about you?
Now what about you?
Do you stick to your dreams even if people tried to convince you that they can’t be reached? Or do you assist the first person who attempts to steal your dream by acknowledge his comments and giving it to him?
If you are serious about success then you must beware of dreams stealers just like you watch out for real thieves.

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