I was always wondering why are some people determined to reach their goals and why are others always helpless. What was confusing me even more is that the same person who was once motivated to reach his goals can suddenly turn into a helpless person who don’t know what to do in order to get what he wants.
I kept asking different people and collecting information until I came up with the most important differences between the two states, the state of being motivated to reach your goals and the sate of being helpless.
Here is what I found:
1) Believing that everything is possible: The main reason you find someone motivated is that he believes that everything is possible. You might think that this is a very optimistic way of thinking but if you watched kids playing for few minutes you will discover that this is the way of thinking we were all born with and then we learned how to believe that things are not possible!
2) What happens to our beliefs: Many people form different beliefs about life as soon as they fail once or twice and so become 100% convinced that there is no way out and this is the time where depression pays them a visit.
3) Different beliefs about success: Some people were lucky enough to believe that success doesn’t usually happen from the first attempt manage to retain their childhood beliefs and think that everything is possible. Others form limiting beliefs then live their whole lives helpless while blaming that belief for their misfortune.
4) Helplessness and learning: One major difference I found between those who always get what they want and those who give up trying is the ability to find information and to learn new skills in order to deal with new challenges. No one is born equipped with the knowledge he needs to face life problems and that’s why learning is an essential step in solving these problems. Those who learn manage to overcome the obstacles and those who don’t remain helpless.
5) Incorrect perception: One of the major factors that prevent many people from succeeding in life is incorrect perception. Confident people usually understand the real reasons behind their failures while those who lack confidence perceive events in a different way then end up feeling bad. For example after a confident person fails he might think that he didn’t prepare himself well while a person who lacks confidence might believe that he is no good after failing.
6) Flexibility: Some people get persistence wrong. They think that they should keep trying to use the same method that didn’t work in order to be called persistent while that’s a big mistake. Unless persistence is accompanied with flexibility it might be hard to reach your goals. Successful people know that they should change their method and try something else as soon as they fail. Those who aren’t successful on the other hand might keep trying to use the same wrong key to open the right door. In order to be successful you just need to change the key whenever one of them fails to open a door.
Final words
I am not trying to be optimistic without depending on realistic facts and I am not trying to convince you to think about life the way I do but I am only trying to let you think realistically just like you used to think when you were a kid.
You once believed that everything is possible and you were right but you collected some limiting beliefs that destroyed this beautiful way of thinking you had.
Get rid of these beliefs and you will each everything you want in life

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