If you have ever moved, you probably know that comparing free movers quotes received from multiple moving companies is tricky, since they are based on different pricing formulas. This is because the transportation regulations of your location give moving companies a wide berth for how to structure their quotes differently, so you hardly ever compare “apples-to-apples”. To decipher the moving company quotes and to understand what you’re looking at check out the following points.

Don't stick to one
First and foremost, the secret to finding the best moving company for your move is to get as many movers quotes as possible. You can do this with the help of reliable online moving platform like Moversfolder. Just provide basic details about your move and get free moving quotes from licensed and insured movers as per your search criteria.

Type of Movers Quotes you will receive
While comparing the quotes the very first thing you need to check is what type of quotes have you received. Since different moving companies use different terms, here's a short description of them for your understanding.

Binding, Fixed Price, All-inclusive, Fixed Rate or Guaranteed Moving Company Quotes
If the quote provided by the moving company is known by any of the above terms, then the moving company is saying that unless any of your moving details changes, your price is not going to change and is fixed or guaranteed. There are no hidden costs or unexpected additional costs.

Non-binding estimates
This type of quote is not guaranteed and can be changed at the mover’s discretion. These quotes are often cheaper and more attractive than binding quotes, but they can be a source of annoyance for moving customers because it can change subject to anything.

For a long distance move, the best long distance moving companies often charge by weight and not the volume of your belongings. However, the final price will change depending on the actual weight of your belongings. So while comparing quotes, check whether all the estimates are based on the same weight.

If you are moving locally, you may receive hourly quotes which means you are charged by the hour. Other factors which are considered include the size of the moving truck required, number of people, time, and materials. These may look lucrative if you have a micro move, but they are the least predictable of movers quotes, especially if you live in an urban or congested area that may have major traffic issues.

Compare other factors
Along with prices, check other factors right from researching company name, to what services are included in the package and any additional cost which may occur. Also, study their offered liability and insurance policy, cancellation policy and refund policy.

Get In-home survey
After comparing various parameters, you need to narrow down your mover's list that best matches your needs and budget. Then ask the shortlisted movers to conduct an in-home survey. This will help the movers to provide you with more accurate binding quotes along with a copy of Table of measurements. This table of Measurements accurately describes all of the articles which you need to move and will further avoid surprises on moving day.

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