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The worst thing you can expect in a relationship is for your partner to destroy your trust. A lie, no matter how small, is still a lie, and it can have a profound effect on your relationship. Worse, you may discover that your partner is actually carrying an affair.

Rebuilding trust is definitely difficult, but it’s not something that can be done. The following tips may help you out:

Consider using subliminal messages. This is the time when you’ll realize how powerful subliminal messages can be. They are usually positive statements. When your trust is broken, it’s common to feel bad about yourself. You’re surrounding with all sorts of negative emotions. What’s wrong with me? Is the other someone better? Am I too gullible? I’m so hurt and angry. These words are not too rare for people whose trust has been broken.

What subliminal messages do is to help you slowly change your present mind-set and plant confidence and love back again. You can use visualization or meditation to help you. During these activities, you can listen to subliminal messages such as the following:

I am capable of trusting again.
The past doesn’t define me.
I have the power to put the past behind.

Repeat these while on your chair at least 20 times. What do you feel? Does it feel like you slowly start to believe them as true? Now just imagine if you repeat them every day. You will discover it’s a lot easier for you to let go of the pain and move on from it.

Just trust. It will take a while before you can learn to trust again. However, as long as you don’t take the first step immediately, it will never happen. You can never regain your trust back. Just learn to trust without conditions and ifs and buts. Never bring the past again.

Talk things over. Majority of those who tend to cheat or break their partner’s trust don’t do it for no reason. It could be they find something unsatisfactory with the relationship. They may be too scared to tell the truth; hence, they lie. Make sure you can talk things over to your partner. Do it at a time when you’re ready to be rational and non-judgmental. Remember, you want them to open up to you.

Stop the blame game. Just because you’re the aggrieved party doesn’t mean you’re free from guilt. Relationships take two people. Your spouse may have decided to take on an affair because you’re too busy with something else. You’ve already reached a comfort level, and neither one of you took the effort to rekindle the romance.

Make sure he’s open to it. Your partner will hurt you over and over even if he or she doesn’t really mean it if he or she is no longer willing to work out the relationship. To regain the trust, your partner must acknowledge the pain he or she has caused you and would help you get back your trust again.

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