The holy worship Hajj is one the greatest acts in the religion Islam. The reward of Hajj E Mabroor is double and great for Muslim Ummah. The person who performed Hajj with sincerity and completed all rituals according to Sunnah, Allah will forgive his or her past sins definitely.

Similarly, the Holy Prophet (PBUH), The Last Messenger of Allah said that,

"Verily, there is no prize for the Hajj which is Mabroor other than Bliss." He said again: "He, who comes to this House (Holy Haram, Kaaba), and neither engrosses in erotic interaction (with his mate) nor obliges tomfoolery, would coming back (as wickedness as a newborn) on the very day his mom gave birth to him." (Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

In the Light of Holy Quran

This great preeminence is one of the most magnificent welfares jagged out by Allah Almighty. The benefits of Hajj not just for eternal life, Allah gives the worldly advantages also. Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

• “That they may onlooker welfares for themselves.” (Holy Quran: 22:28)
• And for all religious conviction We have fixed a ritual (of sacrifice) that they may mention the name of Allah over what He provided for them of (sacrificial) animals. For your god is one Allah, o to Him submit. And, (O, Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)), give good words to the modest (before their Allah).” [Quran 22:34]
• O, manhood, definitely We have shaped you from man and woman and made you folks and societies that you may know one another. Certainly, the most honorable of you in Allah’s sight is the most blameless of you. Truly, Allah is Meaningful and Accustomed.” (Holy Quran: 49:13)
• “And declare to the persons the Hajj (holy journey).” (Holy Quran: 22:27)
• Their meat will not reach Allah Almighty, nor will their gore, but what influences Him is religiousness from you. Thus, have We imperiled them to you that you may exalt Allah for that (to) which He has directed you; and give good notifications to the achievers of good.” (Holy Quran: 22:37)
• “That (is so). And whoever admirations the signs of Allah - certainly, it is from the piousness of cores.” (Holy Quran: 22:32)
• “It is not for a have faith in man or a trusting woman, when Allah and His Prophet (Muhammad (PBUH)) have decided a matter, that they should (subsequently) have any choice about their matter. And whoever defies Allah and His Last Prophet has definitely drifted into clear blunder.” (Holy Quran: 33:36)

So, these Quranic Verses shows the Tawheed while performing the Hajj in the House of Allah. Allah is Kind and Glorious.

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