Securing the services of a good moving company should be your topmost agenda of your moving checklist. But how do you go about finding the best moving company for long distance to handle your move? Getting trustworthy recommendations and advice is invaluable in such cases. Following are the several basic methods to acquire recommendations.

Ask your friends

There is nothing better than learning about the hands-on experience from a trustworthy source like your friends when it comes to moving companies. Since there is no profit for your friends by lying to you, so they will give the best-unbiased information. You can get details about their moving experience, the cost, the problems they faced while moving, services utilize by them and anything else that might interest you. You can either meet them face to face and learn about their experiences or use the power of Social media websites like Facebook and ask all your social network friends for mover recommendations and even ask them to share their experiences.

Ask your colleagues at work

You can surely approach your co-worker to gain information about the movers they have used, but you cannot trust everything they say. This is because most people are prone to lying to make themselves seem more knowledgeable. So, while they may give you genuine information, it is always safe to cross-check any information you get from your co-workers.

Ask local real estate agents

Real estate agents come across movers every now and then which makes them a good source of information. They know all about good successful moves and not so successful moves. If you personally know any real estate agent, all the better as they can give you very good recommendations. However, since agents may receive wrong information, it is better to double-check to ensure the information is true.

Check online moving listing websites

There are many reliable movers listing website like Moversfolder, where you can find licensed and insured moving companies near you. Along with getting free moving quotes online, this website is a good source of information because you will be able to find company profile, moving rates and customers reviews all at one place.

Check Forums

Online Forums are a great place to get all kinds of information. They have information about good movers and many stories about rogue movers. While going through lots of unnecessary information can be a bit tedious and may take time, but at the end of your scan, you will have a lot of information which might help you to find the best moving company for long-distance for you.

While getting recommendations is important and they may help you but they may not give you the whole picture. This is why once you get all your recommendations, you need to properly “screen” them. Screening them involves doing a background check by checking their licenses with the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure that the moving companies you are considering are not blacklisted anywhere for any moving scam. Only after thorough research, you need to consider hiring them.

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