Before actually heading for a tummy tuck, it is always good to be well-informed about the precautions to take before the surgery, the actual procedure, possible risks and complications and of course, how to recover after the plastic surgery. 

Factors Governing Abdominoplasty Recovery

A number of factors are associated with recovery after the procedure such as your general state of physical fitness and health at the time of the surgery, co-operation with the surgeon’s post-operative guidelines and the kind of abdominoplasty carried out.

After the surgery, bandages or dressings may be placed on your incisions and you may be covered up in a compression garment or elastic bandage to reduce swelling and to hold up your abdomen as it heals.

What You Should Know and Do

Be prepared to be off work for at least a week or two in connection with your recovery period. Recovery can even take several weeks. If you were in great physical condition before the surgery, you can expect a faster return to a regular lifestyle after it.

Depending on the kind of tummy tuck carried out, you may have to remain in hospital at least for one night. At the time of your discharge from the hospital, the plastic surgeon would advise you on tasks such as changing the surgical dressings, caring for your incisions, walking and bathing/showering. For the bruising, swelling and pain that you experience after surgery, your doctor would advise pain medication and how often you should take it. Follow all the instructions strictly.

If you have drains, make sure they are emptied and note down the quantity of drainage. By recording the amount, you would be helping the surgeon make a decision as to when the drains can be removed.

You may be provided with an abdominal binder or compression garment to put under your clothing for a number of weeks following the surgery. You may also have to wear elasticized stockings for some time as you recover from the surgery to reduce the danger of blood clots developing in the legs.

About Activities and Exercise

Immediately after the tummy tuck surgery, refrain from such activities as lifting and bending. However, it would be good if you walked as soon as possible because light exercise aids the healing process and can avert the development of blood clots and other side effects. Though walking is typically the best exercise to practice following surgery, other kinds of non-aerobic exercise are also fine. A light exercise plan pre-approved by your surgeon can assist with bringing down swelling, strengthening the immune system and preventing blood clots.

You must refrain from any heavy exercise for six weeks following surgery.

Keep in mind that while you recover, you would have to devote special attention to the physical limitations of your body so as to prevent reopening of the wounds and extending the time required to completely heal from the procedure.

Knowledge of how to recover after a tummy tuck will make you feel more confident about healing and the ultimate aesthetic outcomes.

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Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure allows patients to tighten the midline abdominal muscles and reshape the abdomen.An experienced plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas, Dr. Sean Boutros performs body contouring surgery to reshape and trim the area between the chest and the pelvis.