Sexual stimulation of genitals manually or by the use of tools, objects or both is known as masturbation. It is an alternative method of sexual intercourse in the absence of a partner for pleasure.

Though the act gives plenty of satisfaction, there are many negative effects if it is done excessively:

1. Feeling tired all the time
2. Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone
3. Groin or testicular pain
4. Premature ejaculation
5. Excessive and accidental seminal leakage
6. Nightfall
7. Bent male organ
8. Lower back pain
9. Thinning hair or hair loss
10. Soft or weak erection
11. Eye floaters or fuzzy vision
12. Small or thin male genital

To recover from these negative effects the following products can be helpful to a large extent and may also act as a permanent cure:

A. NF Cure: It is a herbal supplement, exceedingly effective to recover from the negative effects of masturbation by curing problems like nightfall, leakage of seminal fluid and premature ejaculation. As these capsules are made up of herbs which are chosen after a lot of research, they are free from any kind of side effects. NF Cure capsules help in strengthening of parasympathetic nervous system and PC muscles, hence, the performance of the body and stamina increases automatically.

B. Shilajit: It is a mixture composed with herbs and mineral nutrients. Its crude form is ejected out of fissures in iron rich rocks, during summers which is then processed and purified. It helps in increasing stamina, vigour and vitality. It has the following contents:

a. Gold: Increases strength, improves vigour and vitality
b. Saffron: A nervine (used to calm nerves) tonic has anti-fatigue property
c. Alkushi: Helpful in treating spermatorrhea (excessive, accidental ejaculation)
d. Ashwagandha: Rejuvenating properties (anti-ageing and youthful properties)
e. Safed Mushali: Well-known nutritive tonic help in curing weakness.

C. Mast Mood Oil: It is 100% herbal product made up from exotic herbal extracts which help in overcoming with the problems like improper or weak or premature erection, small male organ. It is used as massage oil on the male genitals. It starts working within 10 minutes of application. The oil enhances the blood flow in the male organ during erection which helps in overcoming the problems. Increment in length as well as girth of the male organ can be observed by its usage. It helps to achieve stronger, long lasting and harder erection.

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