Wasted metals are becoming a major reason for environmental pollution due to the chemical emission that they cause. Metal emission is sourced from a number of things and one of the dominant factors is waste incineration. It causes the air pollution. Other than this, the leakage of metal emission into the groundwater from discarded metal is also a cause of pollution.

Metal emission into the air is a prominent issue that needs to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible because it is responsible for major health issues and it is affecting both the air zone and water reservoirs. Heavy metals, such as Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, are toxic and they affect the biota directly. The emission of heavy metals into the air and water causes it to get exposed to small organisms and impacts the whole food chain.

A large metal waste that is the reason for this whole damage to the environment comes from household waste. We can save the earth if we learn more effective ways to dispose of our metal waste. E-waste and batteries are on the top of the list when it comes to metal waste from the household. However, there are ways to dispose of these wastes in an effective manner and your little efforts can make a big difference. For instance, there are companies who recycle e-waste effectively. Companies like igotoffer.com take your e-waste from your place if you contact them.

Disposal of E-waste

Instead of dumping your old cell phone into the dustbin, sell it, repair it or give it away to someone who needs it. As mentioned above, igotoffer.com has a proper e-waste solution for you. Check out their website and see what you can do. They also pay you a cash amount in return for your old, used, and broken electronic devices. If you are not willing to lose your device then you can get it repaired as they also offer to repair your stuff.

Recycle the Metal in your Kitchen

You can help the environment by simply collecting the soda cans that you buy. They cause major damage to the environment. There are a lot of tutorials over the internet that can help you recycle soda cans. You can also reuse the metal containers that come along different food items. Other than that, you can look for organizations in the city who recycle metal and handover them your metal waste from your kitchen.

Sort Your Waste and Collect Metal

It is a very healthy practice to have your waste sorted. It helps you learn what is reusable and what has to be disposed of differently. Keep two dustbins in your house and label them as ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ to make it easier to sort your waste. Moreover, whenever you go for a detailed cleaning of your house, look for items that may contain metal and collect them for recycling. Items like metallic crockery, wires with copper, things that contain electronic chips, metallic hangers, and old nails can be recycled.

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