Civic sense is another term for social ethics that means to have clean roads, clean parks, and clean public gardens. Not only a clean environment is the present need to but also how people react to those public incidents includes civic sense. Nowadays the importance of civic sense in society has been lost in all the egos and the negative attitude among people.

Preserving the environment has been a popular topic among all the social activist but this topic has not been raised in the category to improve the civic sense in society. The discussions involve both the importance and reasons why it is being ignored in the present time.

A. It enhances positivity in personalities:

When people start to think about their society's well being by keeping it calm and silent by all means, there exists a positivity in one's personality.

This is why personality development for students gives the lessons to students that they should take care of what's happening around them and keep clean their surroundings as well so that positive vibes are spread everywhere.

B. It keeps the environment preserved:

By realizing the importance of civic sense in society, keeping the environment clean and preserved for the future is also an important consequence to regain the importance in society.

These lessons ought to be added in the soft skills training for the people willing to groom themselves in every perspective. The personality development for students should include this issue for better measures to be undertaken.

C. It improves the quality of life:

By releasing toxic chemicals from industries and old model cars, environmental sense gets ignored and it is directly related to the civic sense people must have in them.

Though it can be improved once people start to think about it while grooming themselves to grab every opportunity they come across. The reason stands here is once they realize to keep the environment clean, better opportunities may come their way as they stand out for a social cause.

D. It improves the economy as well as :

There are many determinants that may improve the economy in technical ways. But social ethics ingrained in people also contribute a lot to make the economy listed in one of the top growing economies.

It gives an opportunity to those personality development classes to add this topic in their soft skills training for better growth in all aspects.

The punchline of the topic is the decreasing importance of civic sense in society and how to raise back the same. Many of the institutions may have added the topic to be studied in-depth and many corporate companies are deciding to own a separate department to decrease their social costs for polluting the environment in some of the other ways. Thus, it is the people's responsibility to keep the environment clean as they are the first to criticize the undone work for the environment.

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A relentless explorer of theatrical emancipation, human consciousness and behavior, Sanjeev Datta’s passion is to empower minds. His focus is to create a new you in you.