Your inspiration is the most important asset you have and something every good blogger must safeguard against losing! Quite simply once your blog goes live online you will be writing a lot and without the proper inspiration your motivation will fade and your platform will shrivel up into digital dust! This is a common obstacle most bloggers face but one that can be overcome!

Here are 5 simple tips you can use to rekindle the inspiration you've lost when blogging to get you and your site back on track!

Workplace Reorganization

Quite often our immediate work environment can 'sub-consciously' squash our motivation or ability to be creative! When writing a lot, creativity is something you'll definitely need because your content is also your calling card., and if you can't produce enough of it, visitors have little reason to return! Perhaps try repositioning your desk or even the placement of your computer as well as clearing any needless clutter that can be distracting! One other suggestion may be to relocate your workplace entirely, if that's an option, to give you a whole new fresh look and feel!

Alter Your Hours

Are you blogging at a time of day or night when you may be more stressed or simply feeling run down from the events of the day! Perhaps you can alter your schedule in a way that finds you better rested or less distracted while allowing you to enjoy other activities that can boost your spirits as well as your motivation! Remember a well rested and unoccupied mind is something you'll need when writing a lot since it will help boost your creativity and your time efficiency!

Enlarge Your Team

This could be as simple as accepting more guest posts or maybe enlisting advisers! Now you don't need to pay for someones services to have advisers! This could simply be people who give you feedback or offer suggestions, but the key is to be open to new ideas since this will make you feel more inspired! One thing every good blogger needs is feedback or suggestions from an outside source to add a new tone or perspective to their platform!

Site Redesign

This allows for the release or maybe even the stimulation of your creative 'talents' to make some modifications to your site! From time to time every good blogger realizes their site may need a 'minor' face lift to keep it fresh and interesting, much like the content it contains! By working on how your platform appears to others is a great way to take a break from writing a lot while still being productive!

Time Off

Perhaps you need a bit of time to re-evaluate or review your 'reasons' or objectives for why you blog! It is common to become so deeply immersed in all the day to day tasks blogging requires that we allow the 'process' to wear us down! Heck, writing a lot can and will do that to anybody, but it is something you can easily overcome!

When blogging your inspiration helps maintain your motivation which is something you'll need since you'll be writing a lot! For many reasons even someone considered a good blogger tends to experience from time to time a lack of inspiration! Feeling uninspired like this makes every task more difficult and creating interesting content nearly impossible! The suggestions offered above are ways to 'tweak' your environment and your mindset when feeling uninspired which is normal for most bloggers! The net result should be a restoration of any lost motivation you experienced thus allowing you to continue churning out the great posts you're capable of and which is expected from any good blogger!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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