Cryptocurrency is nothing but, its like a stock market where you can buy and sell your currencies and gain a profit from the volatility of the rates. The major difference between cryptocurrency trading and the stock market is that in the stock market you can trade with INR, USD, or any other fiat currencies. But in the crypto trading platform, you can trade with digital currencies or digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Altcoin, Ripple (XRP), etc. Each of the exchanges has its market with a difference in the local demand and supply.

Bitcoin would be considered as the gold standard among all other crypto assets. The price of other coins over BTC has been mentioned in the exchange. Instead of bitcoin, all other coins are called as altcoins. When compared to the stock market it's quite simple to start crypto trading. you should buy a cryptocurrency with a credit card or fiat currencies according to each of the countries and stored it in an electronic wallet. Here, we have mentioned the below-mentioned steps on how to register in the bitcoin exchange platform in India.

Documents required to register in a bitcoin trading platform:

- Visit the Koinbazar website and click signup to register as a new user. You will be allowed to create an account with your basic personal details.

- You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number. You will be logged into your account and the trading dashboard will appear.

- After the account is created, you will need to upload the few required documents to complete the KYC verification process.

- For the KYC verification process, you have to submit the following documents like a mobile number with country code, Email ID, Driving License (front & back) with a proof number, and a selfie of you. It will take 4 - 5 hours for the KYC verification process.

- Once KYC verification is done, you can integrate your bank account to buy your digital assets. With your cryptocurrency, you can start to trade and withdraw your profit amount to the bank account at ease.

Choose the right exchange platform to start your crypto trading process:

Koinbazar - India's safest and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy, sell, and trade your cryptocurrencies easily with the most competitive prices for the crypto assets. India needs to take a look at this one-stop-shop exchange platform with the most secure, user-friendly, and trustworthy crypto trading platform in the country.

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I am Anika Simone, Working as a Freelance technical content writer having more than 3 years of experience and have an interest in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.