Finding or replenishing your lost motivation can be a difficult task for anybody and especially internet marketers during the holiday seasons! With holiday 'spirit' in the air comes many distractions that make it hard to stay motivated which can be the kiss of death for the business of many internet marketers!

Here are 5 ways setting brand new goals, at least for the short term, will greatly benefit online entrepreneurs trying to simply get back on track!

Narrows Your Focus

Determine just one goal you'd like to achieve and simply focus on that! This helps to relieve the 'congestion' in your mind of having too many things to do which is something that commonly affects internet marketers! Now your mind will be free to concentrate on this one objective!

Share Your Goal

Nothing works better to help you stay motivated than to share your new goals with your friends, family or others in your close knit community! Making these people aware of what you intend to accomplish serves to keep you more focused and their support will also be a great source of motivation!

Be Realistic

If the new goals you've set are realistic, and they always should be, you'll see more progress which will also help you to stay motivated and on course! Nothing works better for increasing your motivation than seeing your efforts bring results!

Be Conservative

Keep your objective relatively simple to increase your chances of success! This merely reflects that your new goals are not only realistic but manageable during times when your attention is being constantly diverted! This also keeps you from getting frustrated and quitting, which is a nasty habit that's easy to develop and after a while equally hard to break!

Keep At It

As you 'chip away' and continue to make progress you'll find your motivation will grow as will your productivity! Before you know it you will have reached the objective you set for yourself and will be setting even more new goals! What you're trying to do is 'shrink' your to-do list so it won't seem to be so overwhelming when faced with all the 'outside' distractions! In short you're retraining both your focus and discipline!

Having lost motivation is the WORST thing most internet marketers can experience since if they 'quit' their business and previous efforts all die! The holidays seasons are a very challenging time due to all the ADDED distractions for anybody and most especially for internet marketers! Being traffic tends to be scarce and sales sometimes even scarcer it's hard to stay motivated! On the other hand by refreshing or setting new goals during these times, internet marketers can benefit in the 5 ways discussed above! The key is NOT to be so distracted to even recognize the need to adjust your business objectives during these times in the first place, but they will happen, so plan on it!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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