Infrequent bowel movements, else known as constipation is a common health disorder reported in hospitals. This health disorder is found in people of all age groups. It can be well controlled by proper care and treatment. Several factors contribute in forming this health disorder. Irregular meal times, depression, stress and eating unhygienic food items are some of the common causes of constipation problems. If left unconsidered, this health disorder can induce several health disorders in people. Main risk factors reported due to persisting constipation problem include abdominal pain and stomach cramp.

Today you can find several remedial measures in market boasting constipation cure feature. In order to prevent the risk of health disorders, people are advised to choose remedy made out of herbal ingredients. Lack of side effects is one of the main advantages of using natural remedy. It addresses the underlying cause of problem and cures constipation troubles naturally with no health risks.

Including licorice root powder in daily diet schedule is a safe way to relieve constipation through natural remedy. This herbal remedy is well known for laxative property. Today, you can easily get licorice root products from market in the form of powders, capsules and extracts. This natural cure has been used for centuries for treating a wide range of health disorders like indigestion and infrequent bowels. It is also found to be very beneficial for treating health disorders like stomach ulcers. Licorice root powder can be used by people of all age groups. It ensures complete safety and induces zero side effects on user.

Consuming isphagula is found to be as an effective way to relieve constipation through natural remedy. Use of this herbal remedy produces a soothing effect on mucus lining of alimentary canal. In order to obtain satisfactory result, people are advised to soak seeds in water. At present, isphagula extract is one of the widely added ingredients for the preparation of herbal products. Those people suffering from constipation are advised to intake this natural remedy regularly with milk. Relieving abdominal pain, treating piles and curing rheumatism are other health benefits of using isphagula.

Drinking orange juice in combination with olive oil is a safe way to relieve constipation through natural remedy. For attaining best result, it is advised to drink this natural remedy in empty stomach. People suffering from constipation are recommended to intake this nutritive drink for at least one week duration. It supports water absorption and makes stools easier to move out of the body. Consuming figs early in the morning is an effective way to relieve constipation through natural remedies.

To promote healing effect, it is advised to dip each fig in cold water prior to eating. This natural cure is found to be as a rich source of compounds like manganese, sodium and potassium. In order to obtain best result, people are recommended to intake dried figs in combination with warm milk. Other health benefits of consuming dried figs include controlling weight, lowering bad cholesterol level and preventing colon cancer.

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