Emotional stress is something we all suffer from time to time. When things are just getting too much or you are overcome with tension or fear then follow these simple self help steps to clear away the blockages that negetaive thoughts and energy are creating.

Step 1 - Ensuring that you are sat in a comfortable position, this could be at your desk for instance, place your fingertips about halfway between the eyebrows and your hairline. When you have placed your fingers here gently stretch the skin upwards toward your hairline. keeping the pressure light, maintain this until you feel some relief from the discomfort.

Step 2 - Now whilst doing this concentrate on the nature of your problem and what is causing you the tension. Keep you fingertips to the front of your forehead until the pain or distress melts away. This normally only take a few minutes. Do this everytime you feel that worry or pain is building up.

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Director and founder of Luna Holistic Studies. Distant learning training provider for professional holistic & alternative therapists.