In present times, women have to play multiple roles of employee, spouse and housekeeper. Hence, a constant fatigue has become part and parcel of their daily lives. Moreover, high expectations and low support system results in drained energy levels. Working mothers should regularly take out some time to cultivate their interests or hobbies.
The juggling obligations and high demands lead to greater stress. Also, in workplace women are confronted with the similar work pressures as man, hence the psychological pressure boosts up. It is an acknowledged fact that women are genetically more prone to stress in contrast to their male counterparts. This occurs because of the hormonal changes-like puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause. They are more susceptible to depression and stress related disorders in contrast to men.

Here are symptoms of stress and anxiety

Nonetheless, stress and anxiety can make you feel drained. It will result in poor immune system, bad sleep or excessive weight gain.

• Impatience, drained energy level, irritability
• Insomnia or Disturbed Sleep
• Difficulty in concentrating
• Anxiousness

Is there any treatment

The best treatment for stress is mentioned below

• Behavioral Therapy or Counselling
• Regular Exercise
• Medication

How to Climb Out of Stress Trap

Aside from that, the major reason of stress is bottling up of feelings. It creates a volatile pressure in the minds of an individual that may explode anytime on anyone. Hence, it is necessary to make effort to release the stress.

Priortize the things- Determine the facets of life that is important for you. It may be your spouse or kid.
Don’t complicate- The only stressburster today is to simplify the life as much as possible.
Sharing- If you feel stressed out the neat trick is to delegate the responsibility or ask for counselling.
Don’t be hard- It is important to slow down in life and perform activities that really make sense.
Enough of Sleep- Sleep rejuvenates the mind and body. No one can undermine the health and beauty benefits of sleep. So, rest peacefully.
Balanced Diet- Today, most people opt for weight loss programs to lose weight instantly. The idea is to have balanced and wholesome diet. It makes you feel good and brimmed with energy.

It is because of this reason why the paleo diet or caveman diet has become popular.

Exercise and Stress

To climb out the stress levels it is necessary to engage yourself in any physical activity. It can be yoga, breathing techniques, stretching exercise, martial arts, participation in marathon, etc.

Exercise rev up the mood and make you feel positive. The ground reason is exercise lets the blood flow into your brain and produces same effect as medicines prescribed for gloominess. Exercise also helps to release endorphins that help in reducing stress.

Exercise is an outlet that relieves one from an emotional stress. Stressful situation can lead to panic or fight symptom. Have you ever noticed how swimmers behave after they swim or how cyclists behave after cycling rides? Well, you will see how positive and assertive they appear. Aside from that, exercise adds radiance and glow to the skin.

Foods/ Drinks that act as Stress Burster

The foods that alleviate the problem of stress is green apples, sipping green or oolong tea, inhaling lavender and coconut can do wonders for your blood pressure, peppermint gums and mints also produce positive effect, munch a dark chocolate and eat carb enriched foods, as it will stimulate serotonin, a good brain chemical.

Positive Thinking

An optimist is not a person who puts rose tinted spectacles and thinks that everything is allright when it is not. Instead, he is a person who finds something positive in every situation. For an optimist good times become memory and bad times become lesson.

Last but not the least; positive thinking and positive affirmations can make you feel calm and focussed. So, always think I am getting stronger day by day.

A quote to remember

I believe that we are who we choose to be
Nobody is going to come and save you
You’ve got to save yourself
So, don’t give up on your dreams

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