When a family member is a senior, one of the most important adjustments you will need to make in your home is to remodel the bathroom. With frequent usage for many hygiene and grooming activities, the bathroom needs to be safe, convenient, and comfortable for use by older people who may have health or mobility limitations.

Adjust the Toilet

Toilet seats are usually round or oval in shape and about the same size. The toilet base is also relatively standard. However, the height of the base can differ. You may want to replace a standard toilet base for a higher one to accommodate a senior who must transfer from a wheelchair or a walker to the toilet. A toilet paper roller or dispenser may need to be moved to be within easier reach.

Upgrade the Bathtub

A traditional bathtub can be difficult to step into and out of for seniors who are weak, fragile, or prone to dizziness due to medication. Many older people prefer to bathe in a shower, which can be fitted with handrails and a seat if desired. A tub to shower conversion might make bathing easier for the senior person in your home. A low shower threshold enables a person to easily get in and out of the shower, and the shelves provide easy access to soap, shampoo, and other bathing aids.

Install Handrails

Handrails placed around the walls of your bathroom can help elderly people safely navigate around the room. Bars with a solid rail of wood or metal offer a solid grip for those who may need help moving around. Check the best height for the handrails based on the older person's arm reach. The rails should not be too high or too low.

Use Non Slip Flooring

You may want to install non-slip flooring to help an older person maintain balance while in the bathroom. Even if the person uses a wheelchair, transferring to the toilet or into the shower will require a few steps, and the flooring should be stable and moisture-resistant to help prevent slips or falls. Avoid using area rugs in the bathroom that could cause someone to stumble, although you can lay a bath mat at the shower door that the user can step on briefly while drying off.
Adjustments like these can help to keep a senior member of the family safe while using the bathroom. Learn more about the cost and timeline for making these changes.

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