Acrylic nails are the hottest trend and the easiest way to add length and glam to your nails. But after a few weeks or a month comes the painful day of removing your acrylics. The best idea is to get it done by nail extensions at home in Dubai, but time and money often become constraints. We are here to show you the easiest ways to remove acrylic nails at home with the most specific items.

How to Vacate Acrylic Nails Safely At Home
Acetone is your best savior when removing acrylic nails at home. This strong liquid-based chemical dissolves the acrylic nails and helps you remove them quickly. You must be wondering how such a powerful ingredient can be safe on your skin. Acetone should not come in contact with your skin very often, but apart from a bit of dryness and slight redness in some rare cases, it is relatively safe for use. Make sure to take the necessary safety measures, and you will be fine.

How to Remove Acrylic Nails With an Acetone Soak-Off
Here are a few methods that you can try to take off acrylic nails expertly using acetone by best nail extensions Dubai.

How to Withdraw a Traditional Gel Manicure
Gels come in a few forms and require different removal. Soft gels are by far the most common gel manicure. This likely is what you have. Smooth gel removal will be familiar: file, soak, and then lift off the product.

Soak-off hard gel, a sturdier gel often used for gel nail extensions at home Dubai, is removed in the same way but with more filing and prolonged soaking. And finally, there’s the hard gel that can be removed only by filing.

With a coarse file, remove about a third of the gel. Filing lets the acetone penetrate through the rest of the gel, which makes the soak-off easier. If you have hard gel, you’ll need to file down about half of the gel.

Step By Step Process
• Clip the acrylic nails as short as possible
• File away the top coat, nail polish, or any color to avoid creating a mess or get your hands full of color.
• Apply petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the cuticles. Now, soak the cotton pads in acetone and place it on your nails.
• Tear a piece of aluminum and wrap it over the cotton pad or ball so that it stays in place.
• Wait for 25-30 minutes.
• Pull the aluminum foil gently, and the acrylic nail should come off with it. If you feel resistance, keep it wrapped for some more time.

Remove the gel
The gel will be partly lifted from the nail when you remove the wraps. Use an orangewood stick to push the gel off your nail gently.

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Wrap the nail
Soak the cotton ball in acetone by gel nail extensions Dubai. Place it on top of the nail, and then wrap the nail with aluminum foil. Wrap only one hand at a time. “You can use the other hand while you’re doing the removal.”