The words 'I Do' should be holy by all those who say it, there is no going back, and you should strive to be there for each other through thick and thin, and so forth. But what if your marriage is beyond mending, can you still consider the sanctity of marriage as sacred? Can you still fix your marriage?

1. Similarity in life's goals. If you both think on the same wavelength, then you may yet be able to preserve your marriage. Commonly this can occur if you began as friends sharing the same habits and interests.

2. You are committed to making it succeed. Commitment and willingness to remedy your marriage is essential for you to succeed. Do not depend on your spouse to fix the problems. You must still show your willingness to mend your marriage through communicating in new ways even if you feel that your spouse is wholly to blame for your woes.

3. Your future. If your future involves plans together it is definitely worth saving. Having children or wanting to have a future together are adequate for some couples to try to fix their marriage. Oftentimes people move on to other marriages only to find that the same problems develop in new situations.

The following features can make your marriage hard to repair:

- It can be more distressing to fix a marriage when you and your partner are involved in emotional or physical maltreatment. You may find that you hate your spouse and don't love them anymore. Ill-treatment should not be suffered by anyone, and make your partner grasp that even if you love them you will go the minute they abuse you again.

- When your life is already at peril. Have you experienced being hurt by your partner? Although marriage is considered a sacrament, there are still a few exceptions to the rule and one of which is when your life is at risk because of physical abuse.

- Is there disloyalty and unfaithfulness in the marriage? After vowing to stop, does your husband continue to cheat on you? Did he become obstinate and refuse to put an end to his affair? At this point it may be advantageous to separate or end the marriage.

It is better to fix your marriage troubles before they intensify and impact your marriage.

Being Forgiving. If you and your partner do not forgive each other, your marriage issues will never be resolved. Do not dwell on the sins committed against you. Forgiveness is vital to be able to mend your unhappy marriage. Forgive so you can trust and be trusted again.

Different Demeanor. Constant nagging and trust issues can smother your spouse and if you want your marriage to succeed, you need to make sure that you modify your behavior. Try to be more attentive and discerning.

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I'm Robyn Lee and I'm a relationship and dating adviser to women. I made many dating mistakes in the beginning that caused me to be single for a very long time. I have since learned how to not only attract but continue to have a loving relationship with my Prince Charming. Today I share my understanding in repairing a marriage with other women so they can create healthy and positive relationships as I have done with my Prince Charming.

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