It’s pretty easy to allow anger to swell up and take over. But does being angry do any good? Of course not. In fact, in this day and age, anger is taking over the world and it’s doing great harm. Here is a simple process for letting go of anger and moving towards love.

1 - See the Newborn Child in All People - If we see everyone as a child of God, how can we be mad at them? Just image the person you are angry at as being a small defenseless newborn child. Notice that they are a blank slate they only know from this point on what they will learn here on earth. How can you be mad at this defenseless child? Now love that innocent child as the child they are. In reality, we are all children of the Most High or God.

2 - Understand that Everyone Has a Different Path of Learning - There is a different path for everyone. Not everyone will have the same knowledge as you, and they will not understand the same feelings as you. But they are all learning and thus they are on their path of progression towards their highest goal of being pure love just like you. Most lessons are very difficult to learn… and that’s why it takes so long for many people to reach a place of peace. Accept them as they are and know they are learning on their own path.

3 - Forgive Them… For They Know Not What They Do - Forgive that little child for whatever it is that they did or did not do. They are a child and they do make mistakes… we all make mistakes. Haven’t you made mistakes? Of course you have… and we all want forgiveness. And as Gandhi said… it is the bigger man who can forgive.

4 - Forget About the Past… You Can Do It - After forgiveness it’s very important that we never bring that incident to mind ever again. If we do bring it to mind we have not forgiven. It’s important that anytime that incident comes to mind… to send that person love… and thus allowing the wounds of the past to be healed. This takes great strength… and yes… everyone has that great strength within.

5 - Move on With Your Life… And Don’t Look Back - Now go on with your life, let go of all of this… and see the whole process as a learning lesson brought to you from God to become closer to God. This is important, to brood over something that took place long ago creates stress which creates inflammation in your body which causes disease.

So Be FREE… and Move on with Your Life!

Then Love and then Love Some More

Love is the Reason We Came to This Earthly Plane

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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