Dell laptop parts are long lasting only to a certain extent. Same is the case with Dell Laptop Screen, if your laptop falls down or you press its display screen too hard, then for sure the screen will break. Improper cleaning may also spoil the screen of your Dell Laptop, which commonly results in dark spots and black spots.

It’s like a blessing that just because of damage in laptop screen; you don’t need to replace the whole laptop. What you have to do is get a Philips screwdriver and a new Laptop Screen, which you can easily buy from a nearby store or through an online store.

Read on, as here is an easy to understand guide, which may assist you in the task of replacing your laptop screen:

1. Unplug the Laptop Adapter

First of all, turn off your laptop, unplug the adapter, if plugged in a socket and disconnect all other cables, if connected to your laptop.

2. Remove the Laptop Battery

Now turn your laptop, so that you are able to remove the battery. All you have to do simply slide the latch, the battery will be released and can be removed by lifting it upwards.

3. Remove Plastic Parts and Seals

Now turn your laptop and stretch open the laptop screen as much as possible. Around the frame of the Dell Laptop Screen, you will find screw seals made of plastic as well as rubber.

Remove the seals by using a sharp object and then, with the help of Philips screwdriver, take out the screws covered under them. Some of the Dell laptops have screw covers even on the outer edges of the laptop lid.

4. Remove Display Cover

Now, gently start from one side to detach the frame from the display cover. Remember, when separating, do one side at a time. Like, first from the top and then from the bottom or vice versa and now remove the screen bezel now.

5. Remove Laptop LCD Screen

You will find that the LCD screen of your laptop is held with the help of screws, to the metal brackets on the left and right side. Remove all those screws from both sides. now detach your Dell Laptop Screen from the display cover. On the palm rest of your laptop, place the laptop screen in upside down position.

You can now see a green ribbon cable, which is basically the video cable having two connectors. One connector is joined with the LCD screen and another connector to the inverter board. On both sides of LCD connector, you will see two latches, simply push them and release the cable to disconnect it from the laptop screen.

Now pull the second connector up and separate it from the inverter board.
You are now able to remove the laptop screen along with the inverter board. Inverter board is usually attached with the screen, at the bottom. You can replace it separately.

6. Replace the Laptop Screen

You are now ready to replace your damaged Dell Laptop Screen with the new one. Just follow the steps from bottom to top in reverse order, fixing everything in the same manner as it was before and you are done!

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