Read on to know How to replace your Laptop CPU or Laptop Processor of your Dell Vostro 1400.

For this purpose, you will need to use some tools like one flathead and one flip screw driver. For your convenience, here is a tutorial defined in steps, in which you will come to know how various Dell parts, if needed, are removed and placed back.

Step 1: Remove laptop battery

To replace the Laptop CPU with the other one, you will need to first remove the battery, one of the significant Dell parts. At the backside of the laptop, push the two locks, one which is placed on the left upper corner and the other on the right upper corner, and slide the battery out.

Step 2: Remove plastic cover

Remove the Plastic Cover, which is one of the Laptop Parts, hiding the heat sink. This is done by removing the 3 screws, holding that piece of plastic, with the help of the flip screw driver.

Step 3: Remove heat sink

Before you unlock your current Laptop Processor, your next step is to remove the heat sink, by unscrewing the 4 screws holding it, using the flip screw driver again.

Now, you can easily lift the heat sink and keep it aside. For laptop CPU, a heat sink is one of the more likely laptop parts, which is used to dissipate the heat generated.

Step 4: Unlock laptop processor

Now unlock your current Laptop Processor, by using the flathead screw driver. You will find a slot for a flathead screw driver, right at the top of the CPU socket or you can say at the upper left corner of the CPU. There you shall place the flathead screw driver and slightly turn it to left to remove the fixed laptop CPU.

Once you are done with this, take the laptop processor out of the socket. Be careful while handling the laptop parts; make sure the pins are not bending.

Step 5: Installing new processor

After removing your existing Laptop Processor, take the new one. In order to install the new laptop CPU correctly, match the corners, as you can clearly judge, which could be the correct corner on the socket. The bottom right corner is needed to be placed accordingly.

Before you get a good view, you will tighten and lock the laptop CPU in its place. Fix it by using the flathead screw driver, turning it from left to right.

Step 6: Apply thermal paste to CPU

Your next step after placing the Laptop CPU to its right place will be to apply thermal paste. Simply, apply a pea size dot of thermal paste in the middle on the laptop processor. There are certain things in the laptop parts, which require special care.

Therefore, this paste is applied, before the installation of heat sink, which helps to conduct heat more efficiently.
Now place the heat sink, back to its original position, after applying the thermal compound.

To spread the paste easily, just press the heat sink in the middle. Fix the heat sink at its place by tightening its screws from one side to other diagonally.

Step 7: Putting all back

Now hide the heat sink by fixing the piece of plastic back to its place, place the 3 screws and tight them. You have successfully replaced your old laptop processor with the new one.

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Thus, now with the help of this guide, you can easily replace and upgrade your laptop CPU and it’s compatible with other Dell Parts i.e. with multiple boards for Dell Vostro 1400.