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As a nutritional consultant working with thousands of people especially busy over-worked business-women, I am often dealing with the latest flu bugs.

First and foremost let’s address the dreaded Coronavirus. Its not hopeless! The Coronavirus has an important weakness. It cannot handle high temperatures. That’s why it will disappear in the summer when temperatures are higher outside.

To arm yourself, if you already have symptoms or come into contact with someone you suspect has the flu, all you have to do is breathe into a hairdryer or steam kettle for 15 minutes twice a day.

And keep yourself eating high immune-boosting foods. These include colourful vegetables and fruits, raw nuts, get plenty of sunshine and drink clean pure water. That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

Note that all of my thousands of clients who stay on the detox maintenance diet do NOT get the flu of any kind.

Very often a food that a person just refuses to eliminate, even temporarily, is most likely the very food that the body has developed a craving for, which means an addiction to... often because of a food sensitivity the body is having a challenge dealing with.

When I do a nutritional consultation with any of my clients, I ask them a series of 5 different groupings of questions (the “assessments”). They are designed to bypass the thinking part of the brain and get answers to what is really going on with the body.

I understand the language of the body’s symptoms and I created a series of questions that get at the heart of your diet issues. I discover whether the body is suffering from imbalances with sugar, salt, water; I ascertain if the body is in toxic overload from the many chemicals in our food and environment today; whether the actual nucleus of the mitochondria of the cells are getting the nutrients or if all those vitamin supplements you may be taking are passing straight into the toilet unused!

You may be eating foods high in nutrients but the body may not be utilizing those foods in the best ways for your body to heal, replace dead cells, and fight off the bad bugs that are floating around everywhere.

I find out if there are food sensitivities or allergies and if you have any deficiencies in enzymes, vitamins & minerals. And also I determine if the body has symptoms of toxic metal overload. My understanding of the body’s language is energetic but replicatable.

Because sometimes the symptoms for one area overlap another area, it isn’t always easy to pinpoint precisely if we try to deal with any one area by itself…

Look to natural remedies first, such as the one mentioned in my free group

Muffin Top Diet - Detox Not Pootox(™) . There I present a video link of the world’s foremost leading doctor on natural remedies. He created a video on his suggestions for the Coronavirus and a herb that he grows in Ecuador that works very well at making the body too slippery for the Coronavirus to attach to cell walls. That makes you resistant to the Coronavirus.

Excerpted from Rob Lamberton’s Clinical Pearls March 22, 2020
There have been some big developments regarding the COVID-19 virus story this week!

The most exciting development this week was the publication of a paper which confirmed the fact that Chloroquine - an older generation malaria drug has been shown to successfully treat COVID-19 infections within 6 days.

In addition, some antiviral drugs such as Remdesivir and Favipiravir have been shown to be effective even for critically ill patients.

In addition, some of the more natural approaches have been shown to be successful.

Peter Attia has recorded 3 podcasts on the COVID-19 virus topic interviewing some high profile medical experts over the last couple of weeks.

He has set up a page dedicated to this topic on his website - here is the link. 
Chris Masterjohn in his masterful way did a deep dive into the published research and he developed a summary of his findings which I recently accessed:
The Food and Supplement Guide for the Coronavirus

Dietrich Klinghardt did a Zoom presentation to 1,000 participants this week which I listened in on - a comprehensive review of what is known about the virus and his perspective on how to treat the infection.

For example, one interesting fact: high melatonin levels can have a huge influence on whether one gets infected or not and how severe the infection is: no pregnant mothers or babies have died from the virus and babies have high levels of melatonin and pregnant women release large amounts of melatonin during the third trimester.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt is world renowned at detox using natural means.

Dr Klinghardt says that its important especially for those with autoimmune issues such as thyroid problems, diabetes, psoriasis or eczema to properly detox and get on the right diet.

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