How To Restore Your Marriage: Marriage Restoration After Divorce - How To Restore Your Marriage And Fall In Love Again

Has complacency settled in, do you both take your relationship for granted, is your marriage going nowhere fast? I guess that in this day and age it is all to easy to let the important things slip, you need to work out how you can restore your marriage. Work commitment, kids and whatever else life throws at you makes it difficult for a married couple to find the time to build and share a strong relationship.

Love is a wonderful thing but it is an emotion, and emotions just do not last. You need something more to be able to see you through the years together, you need to be best friends and you really need to like your partner. You could be together for decades and can you imaging what it would be like if you did not like your partner. If you do not like them how can you ever hope to be close to them?

You need to know what you want from the marriage and you have to make sure that you partner knows what your wants are, and you need to know theirs. If you do not know what your partner needs how are you going to help and support them. Experience and age will not only change you and your partner, it will also change your relationship. The wants and needs that you had when you were forming the relationship will be worlds apart from the present where you have kids and a mortgage.

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Be open and honest with each other and whilst you will still need you own private corner, you need to share everything that makes you who you are. You need to accept that both of you are individually responsible for your own personal happiness, if you are feeling miserable you are the only one who can change that. Focus on the positive and not the negative, the happier you both are the stronger your relationship becomes and the easier it is to deal with problems.

You are responsible for your own actions, behaviour and happiness, no-one else. If you make a mistake or say something hurtful in the heat of the moment then apologize. Both of you have joint responsibility for making your marriage work, the two of you have to work in partnership because one of you cannot do it all alone.

If you do not communicate together the you do not have any connection, if you do not have any connection then do you have a marriage. Probably the best way to restore your marriage is to start communicating. It might seem that at times you are just talking to yourself, but if you persevere you will break through. To strengthen your connection you need to share your lives and the best way of doing that is by talking. In fact communication impacts on pretty much all of your relationship. The art of communicating is not just about talking, it is also about listening. When your partner is talking to you listen to them, it not only shows respect but it shows that you are interested in them, they also might be saying something important.

Wether you have the time for it or not you have to spend quality time together. Send the kids of to family, turn of your phones make it just the two of you. Wether you are going out on a date or are curled up in front of the T.V, you need that time to strengthen your bond and relax and unwind. You need to enjoy each others company and you need to remember that you two are the reason for the relationship, you are the most important part of your relationship, nothing else even comes close. You will never be to old to enjoy each others company, you will never be to old to have fun, you will never be to old to go on dates, so please do not waste the time that you have together.

It will not take much to restore your marriage, just the commitment to work at it for the rest of your life. Whatever life throws at you, meet it head on and deal with it together, it will make you stronger. Always respect your partner and remember that because they might have different views on a subject it does not mean that they do not love you. At some point you will have to deal with conflict, when it comes work together to find the solution that is best for the relationship. Deal with change as it happens, there is nothing that you can do to stop it so use change to strengthen your relationship. Tell your partner that you then, that you need and appreciate them. Do what you can to help your partner to grow and have a long and happy life together.

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Loving your spouse is not always easy but it is always necessary, if you want to move forward in your marriage. As you know there is a difference between saying "I love you" and doing things that actually show that "I love you". Learning to love each other again takes a little bit of want to and know how.

So the question for you is, do you want to love your spouse again, the way you used to? Can you look past all of the frustrations you have experienced and let your heart beat again for the one you committed to stay with in sickness and in health until death do you part?

I trust that your answer is not yes but "heck yes". You see, learning how to love each other again starts with your mindset and attitude. If you have a willing mind but an uncaring spirit or heart, your goal of loving each other again is much harder to achieve.

Now, clearly you can't just say it and magically your heart will be changed and love will be reborn in your marriage. However, learning to love each other again also doesn't have to take months or years. The good thing is that you control the pace at which you learn how to love again.

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Getting Started Loving Each Other Again

Chip away at the irritating behaviors - Most marriages aren't destroyed over one big problem but a series of little ones that have been ignored over the years. Regardless of our own perceptions of ourselves, we can easily become difficult to live with. Two of the greatest weapons we use is our tongue and our stubbornness.

It's hard to love someone who constantly tears you apart with criticism and sarcasm. In fact, it's hard to want to be in the same room most of the times. Start to scale back on your negative comments and replace them with supportive ones and see how your frustrations with your spouse start to diminish.

Stop trying to change your spouse - If you can think back to your teen years when your parents tried to shape and mold you what did you think "Oh, my parents love me and want the best for me" or "I can't stand my parents for trying to make me into someone I'm not". In some instances, people grow to detest the person trying to change them.

The person you really want to change to get love back into your relationship is you. Until you begin to change how you act and treat your spouse there is no incentive for your spouse to change. You can choose to continue to try to change your spouse and push him or her further away or change yourself and draw your spouse closer to you.

Be a friend again - One of the best ways to start loving each other again is get back that friendship that you once had. During the early stages of your relationship, being kind, considerate and supportive was a natural behavior. It was the right way to act then and it's the right way to treat each other now. How you treat each other now is probably not what either of you want so why not make changes to go back to loving each other again, like the earlier days in your relationship.

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If I had to give one advice on marriage, it would be good communication.

There are a lot of married couples now who only get to have a meaningful conversation a few times in a month. Some have all the time to communicate but instead spend it with insignificant arguments.

What they don't realize is their marriage may fail without good communication.

Here are a Few Elements of Good Communication in Marriage...

Communicate With Respect

You should always communicate with your partner with respect. There are times that when married couples argue, sarcastic responses are being used.

Making false accusations is also a sign of disrespect. Always give your partner the benefit of the doubt. What if you answer honestly then your partner rolls his eyes? Respect each other's opinion. Not because you have different views on some subjects doesn't mean you are no longer compatible.
Also hear each other out, speak and listen to each other with respect.

More Communication = Less Problems...

Always have time to talk. Some couples are unable to communicate with each other because they are too busy working, doing household chores, or taking care of the children.

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Though you can't talk to your partner while you're on the job, you can always start a good conversation while doing other things. While you're cooking, while driving your car, when you're doing some groceries, or while enjoying a movie.

Just communicating with your partner every time you have the chance will help you with your marriage.
Don't Just Talk, Listen...

My advice on marriage of good communication not only requires talking, but also a lot of listening. Always hear both sides of the story.

Listening will show that you respect what your partner has to say. Don't interrupt when your partner is trying to explain something. Though there are times that both cannot agree on the same thing, you always have to listen and respect your partner's opinion so you can both make necessary adjustments to make everything work for the both of you.

Honest Communication Makes a Happy Marriage...

There is no such thing as good communication if there is no honesty in it. One lie can lead to another and you may end up living a marriage based on lies. Usually, stories are made up because of the fear of hurting your partner's feelings, or you failed on something and you don't want your partner to think differently of you.

However, you should not be afraid to tell the truth. Your partner deserves to know the truth whether it would hurt him or not. It is also best that the truth come from you instead of him hearing it from someone else. Good communication is honest communication.

Married couples all have their own issues. However, my advice on marriage is that good communication will keep your relationship from falling apart and keep it healthy. And of course, to develop good communication in your marriage, you must understand the elements mentioned above, put effort into it, and always be honest and respectful to your partner.

But communication can actually hurt your marriage if it's not handled correctly. I made this mistake in my own marriage.

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You don't believe it given the current situation you're in. You and your spouse just don't get along anymore. You two bicker and fight over every small thing and you feel that there's never going to be any resolution or peace. There can be if you decide that you want things to change. Although many couples in your position automatically jump to the idea of divorce, you don't have to venture down that path just yet. You can actually give your marriage a fighting chance if you both take a grown up version of a time out. A trial separation can completely change a relationship and help both spouses realize what they are at risk of losing.

The main reason that separation can actually be good for a marriage is it gives you both a chance to truly understand what the other person means to you. When a couple is constantly embroiled in one argument after another, they lose a sense of what their spouse means to them. There are so many negative associations made and they can't distance themselves from the emotional pain of the conflict. They start to resent one another more and more and eventually they may even reach a point where they just don't talk. The challenges they face overshadow any adoration or affection that may still be there.

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If you take time apart, those huge conflicts, won't feel as large anymore. You'll start to focus more on the positive traits that your spouse possesses and you will even start to miss them. You'll wake up alone and go to bed alone each day. There will be a hole in your life that was once filled by their companionship and love for you.

Many couples who separate go on to have very long lasting, fulfilling relationships with one another. They take what they learn during their solitude and carry that with them towards reconciliation. It's not uncommon for a couple to start acting like newlyweds again once they get back together after their separation. They key is to really focus on what you need to repair and then work on that together. You may just find that you'll realize what a true treasure you have in your partner once they're not there all the time anymore. Separation, although challenging emotionally at the time, can be the saving grace for your marriage.

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