The business world is undergoing a digital and technological revolution. The healthcare industry is no exception to this. Healthcare marketing refers to the strategies used by healthcare professionals, insurers, and suppliers, etc. Healthcare marketing can be a challenge and tricky because most of the customers look for information during critical periods. However, there are a few strategies to make your healthcare marketing a huge success. Do you want to know what they are and how to use them? Let’s dive in.

Social media marketing

It is high time the healthcare professionals start using social media platforms for marketing. Let’s take a look at the various platforms and how you can use them.


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, with billions of users all over the world. Instagram ads can be very effective in attracting more patients. It is a wonderful platform to create a personal connection with your patients. How to do it?

You can share your success stories.

You can answer the questions asked by your patients.

You can introduce the healthcare professionals involved.

You can post videos to educate the viewers about the diseases, diagnosis, and treatment procedures. Several Instagram video editor tools have made a video making a child’s play. Some of them are- Inshot, WeVideo, VideoCreek, etc. Hop over to this site.

You can use this platform to announce new services offered and new medical equipment that you are using. This will help in showing how you are better than others.


Are you a healthcare professional without a Twitter profile? If so, now is the time to open one. Make sure you create a quality bio with a smiling photo of you in the professional attire as your profile picture. Your bio should have your location and link to other social media accounts. Engage yourselves in relevant conversations. Create a variety of content that will be interesting and useful to your followers. Make sure you respond to all feedback and comments. Educate the public. Many people are seeking medical advice on social media. When you give them a personalized response, it is sure to increase the number of your patients.


It is a fact that Facebook is one of the undisputed leaders in social media platforms for middle-aged people. A survey says that more than 40% of the users rely on Facebook for info on a diet, exercising, and other health issues. You can connect with them and give them professional advice on various issues. It helps in extending your reputation and in creating brand awareness. It can also be used as an effective advertising platform. The chances of getting prospective new patients are high through targeted ads on Facebook.

Mobile marketing

A survey says that mobile users spend a lot of hours scrolling through their mobile phones.

You can develop a mobile app. If you have decided to invest in a mobile app, you should make sure that it downloads quickly, works flawlessly, and is perfect enough to be widely embraced and used by people. You must understand that your mobile app will need a marketing campaign to make it popular.

If you are reluctant to invest in a mobile app, you should make sure your website is mobile-friendly as most people use their mobile phones to browse the internet.

You can use SMS to send messages to popularize your brand and your service.

You can use video marketing on mobile venues. Video marketing is effective on social media and on mobile platforms because it is easy to share and explain technical details of healthcare through videos. Use an online video editor to create and edit professional videos. You can find out more on the internet.

Email Marketing

Most people check their emails daily. So email marketing is sure to find you more patients if used properly. The information you give should be relevant, informative, and helpful. If not, your email may go unnoticed as a spam mail. Some examples are new FDA approvals, deals on your services and new techniques, etc. It helps in creating open communication with your potential patients and in building trust.

The keys to make digital marketing strategy a success in the healthcare industry

Gone are the days when word of mouth advertising was enough to get more patients. In the digital world, everything must be marketed. Whether it is a single medical practitioner or a corporate hospital or a chain of hospitals, your services need to be marketed. There are some key elements to consider to make your healthcare marketing strategy a success. What are they?

SEO strategy for healthcare marketing

There are over millions of people seeking healthcare info on the internet. If you employ an SEO strategy perfectly, the chances of reaching your target audience are high. It helps in increasing your website traffic, increasing visibility, and improving credibility.

Pay Per Click

This is one of the types of advertising techniques that helps in driving more traffic to your website. To make your Pay Per Click campaign a success, you have to determine the right keywords. A few examples of healthcare industry keywords are home nursing, medicine for headache, skincare, healthcare, nearby clinic, pharmacy near you, etc. A properly planned PPC strategy is sure to provide the best returns for the healthcare business.

Responsive web design

Invest a little in making your website responsive. It is not enough if it is mobile-friendly. It should have some patient-friendly features. Integrate features like ‘book an appointment’ and ‘chat.’ You should make sure that you respond to the queries made on ‘chat.’ The main objective of healthcare marketing is to make people book an appointment. Hence ‘book an appointment’ feature is important.

Tracking of performance

You should track the performance of your marketing strategies to find the ROI. This will help you to decide if the existing strategy is working or if you have to make changes.

The world has become competitive. Gone are the days when service industries needed no advertising and marketing. Today, if you want to survive in the healthcare industry, you have to devise the right marketing strategy. Combine a few techniques to make sure you stand above the others.


We hope this guide helps you develop a proper strategy to utilize social media space for your healthcare work. In today’s time, every other person is on a digital platform, so it’d help you reach higher masses. Good luck.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.