How To Reverse Your Gullibility

Gullible means easily fooled, easily led, and easily deceived. Gullible is also associated with the following: overly trusting in religious beliefs, trusting in cultural arrogance, and relying solely on theoretical (not FACTUAL) definitions of reality.

Religion is an invention. It was invented by man in order to theorize human spiritual instinct. Every culture on the planet has developed a form of spiritual practice. The most widely known practices are known as organized religion. All of which are based on belief and not fact. To consider them anything other than belief is gullible.

Cultural arrogance is the belief that ones culture is the standard by which all others should be judged. Do you understand how the pyramids were built? With all the astounding achievements that modern man has racked up so far he is also discovering that even greater achievements were accomplished in the past. To believe that yours is the only true path to the future is gullible.

Science has enabled man to better understand himself and his place in the universe, although in many cases, more doubts than certainty remain with devastating consequences. Though science can be destructive, as we see in war machinery, genetically altered foods, medical drugs with multilayered ill effects and in air and water pollutions, it is responsible for some good.

Science has enhanced human standard of living and lifespan. The problem with overly trusting in science is it is highly theoretical, with theories hardly proven, as we see with the big bang theory that's so crucial in clearly defining the Universe. Placing ones complete trust in science is gullible.
In order to fully understand gullibility we must first understand how gullibility relates to the 3 major brain functions; Time, magnetism, and Electricity?

Time and timing is crucial because timing creates relationships between mind and brain by accessing, retrieving and implementing information on a timely manner. Electricity is not a factor because electricity initiates how thoughts are formed and also aids dynamic reasoning in action potential.

Like Timing, gullibility is akin to Magnetism. Magnetism builds on the status quo, which is a state of actions that currently exist. A person with a status quo mentality will take current ideas and merely add his own ideas on them rather than to find new ideas. This strategy results in a lazy mind that is unwilling to find truth, thereby unquestionably accepting what one is told.

What causes gullibility? Gullibility is “ignorance, not illiteracy” because there are lots of illiterate people who have lots of common-sense. Common-sense is related to being wise and therefore not gullible. Ignorance, on the other hand, is simply knowing, yet ignoring to know, and this is where one gets trapped in gullibility.

How to test your gullibility level. Here is a very good question to answer true or false. Cattle in the U.S. beef industry are routinely fed chicken poop, animal blood, expired household pets and other undesirable food sources. If your answer was (False) you are wrong. visit this website, Complete the series of true or false questions that will determine your level of gullibility.

If you are very gullible, how can you reverse it? The best way to reverse gullibility is to begin to ask more questions about life in general. Question your teachers, your religion, and things that do not make sense in your reality. Question the News and news sources. Find out for yourself why millions of birds and fishes are dying in masses. Your brain will begin to function more efficiently and you will begin to lower your gullibility level. is a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH KNOWS EVERYTHING!

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Professor MOmOH performs extensive private research in the field of athletic performance and mental concentration management. His research led him to discover the connection between numbers, colors, and the process of thought. Often referred to as "The Man Who Knows Everything", Professor MOmOH is the founder of The Dohgon University of Thought, A school dedicated to private research, lecturing, and consulting.