How To Revitalize Your Marriage: How to Revitalize Love and Passion With Your Partner

As you are probably aware, a lack of communication is one of the biggest killers of marriages. There are two vitally important elements to building a loving and healthy marriage, communication and spending quality time together. Without communication your relationship cannot function. Without spending quality time together, or to put it another way, having fun, your marriage can easily go stale. The lesson of the day is, have fun, revitalize your marriage.

Physical attraction first drew you together but it was having fun that kept you together. Can you remember all those dates, vacations, long walks, talking for hours? All of these helped you to learn about your spouse, and what you learnt showed you that here was someone whom you could spend the rest of your life with.

Are you wondering why all the passion has left your marriage? Can you remember when you last felt any passion in your marriage? Was it while you were still having fun?

When the fun goes the spark starts to go. When the spark has gone, what have you got to make your relationship interesting? Have fun and revitalize your marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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We live I a serious world, in serious times, and marriage is a serious commitment. You cannot spend your whole life fixated by all the heavy serious issues that everyone has to face, it will suck all the joy out of your soul. If all you see is problems then eventually life becomes one big problem and happiness does not get a look in.

If you have problems then talk them through with your spouse, after all they are there to help and support you. Do not however live your life from one problem to the next, apart from being an unhealthy way to live, it makes you come across as very boring.

The world is a busy place and it is far to easy to lose track of life. Doing something like spending some quality time with your spouse often slips to the bottom of your list of priorities.

Many people think that once they have got married then that is it, job done, and they will live happily ever after. Married couples that live happily ever after are couples who work at their marriage. Getting married is not the end of building your relationship, it is the start. Is it such a scary commitment to have fun and revitalize your marriage.

I have to admit that I wish that there was a better way to describe working at your marriage. Given that you are doing your best to make your loved one happy, which in turn makes you happy, how can you call that work?

One of the best ways of nurturing or nourishing your marriage is to have fun. If you having fun together then you are enjoying being together. You might be together for decades so does it not make sense to be happy together? You might agree with me, but will you make the time to have fun?

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There are work commitments, looking after children, you might be having problems where fun is the last thing on your mind. Or it might be that you just do not know what to do together. If you have both lost touch with each other, you can find yourself the situation where you are each trying to get the other to take the initiative, neither of you does and an opportunity is lost. Be wild, have fun, revitalize your marriage.

If your problems are so bad that fun is the last thing on you mind, when you are beset with negativity, then I can appreciate that the word fun is not one that you want to hear. Why not try for just going for a walk with your spouse, you do not have to say anything, just go for a walk together. It not be fun in the classical sense, but it will strengthen you, and it is a pleasant way to spend some time. You never know until you try.

Just because I am saying, have fun and revitalize your marriage, that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on extravagant vacations and gestures. The simple things such as a walk or going out for a coffee can be more effective, because they are from the heart.

Try a bit of spontaneity and surprise your spouse. Do things that you both enjoy, and find new things that you can do, together. You could try sharing each others activities. It really does not matter what you do, and how grand or how simple it is, the important thing is that you are doing it together. You never know, you might even enjoy yourselves. So why not have some fun and revitalize your marriage.

If you are struggling for things to do then have a brainstorming session. Check your local paper and see if there are any local community events. If you have never done something before, or visited somewhere before, then give it a go. It does not have to cost a lot of money to have fun with your spouse, it just needs the two of you to go of and do something.

Why not have fun and revitalize your marriage. Given that you could be together for decades, does it not make good sense to get into the habit of enjoying each others company, and building up a store of fun, shared experiences and memories. Even if it means that you are just going for a walk you will be keeping your marriage interesting, alive, healthy and fun.

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I don't do this for just anybody but I'm going to let you into my marriage in hopes of helping you figure out how to save your marriage. My only request is that actually do something positive to improve your marriage after reading this information.

Ok, when I first got married I was madly in-love and not afraid to let anyone and everyone know about it. No one could tell me I hadn't found my perfect love. Marriage advice was something I had no time for or interest in hearing about because to me it was for people who weren't really in-love or married to the wrong person. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I too would one day, be looking for information on how to save my marriage.

Problem # 1 - I really didn't know how to be married. I found out after a short while that I was legally married but with nor formal marriage training or guidance I continued to act like I was single. I still hung out with my friends on Friday evening and worked as if I was married to my job. This quickly caused my marriage to sour and bitterness and resentment surfaced.

Solution - It doesn't matter if you are newly weds or celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. If you don't want to have the need to learn how to save your marriage, make sure you get your priorities straight. Make sure you put your spouse and marriage first in your life and you will have a happier and healthier relationship. I learned to and it made all the difference in the world.

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Problem # 2 - I played mind games and hurt my spouse. I can tell you that I was very good at giving my spouse the silent treatment. I was also good at pretending I didn't care at times whether our marriage would survive or not. What this caused is a lot of pain and needless resentment and frustration.

How did I end my childish behaviors? It became clear to me one day when we had a blowup and were seconds away from hitting each other. Then the tears flowed and at that point we realized that if something didn't change we would end up in the hospital, jail or divorce court.

Problem # 3 - I started taking my marriage for granted. OK after being married for a number of years it's easy to get comfortable and assume your in it for life so why not just coast. My thought was that since neither one of us is going anywhere I guess we are doing better than at least 50% of the married couples who are getting divorced each year. I didn't realize how close I was to joining the 50% crowd. Just because your spouse doesn't tell you they are unhappy it doesn't mean you are heading in the right direction.

I hope you understand that if you aren't growing closer and building a stronger relationship you are growing apart and your bond is weakening. I assure you that it's got to be one or the other. One day after hearing the words "I feel lonely" from my spouse I realized that I needed to once again examine what I was doing and make sure I was listening. It had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with being intimately involved. We were ale to overcome taking each other for granted.

I have shared a few mistakes I have made during my married life in hopes of helping you to figure out that it's time to learn how to save your marriage. I'll be honest and say that at times I was clueless and still need some tips and advice to keep me in-line. I'm happy to say that after 27 years of marriage our marriage is stronger than it has ever been.

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How can I be so sure?

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Not too long ago my marriage was in deep trouble. I was tired of trying and thinking I should just end my marriage and give up altogether. My wife felt the same way I think. She wasn't happy that's for sure and she let me be very aware of it. So what did I do to save my marriage?

Well it wasn't completely easy. Actually in the beginning there were some pretty simple steps that I took, but simple doesn't always equate to easy. But fact usually... the things that are the most worth fighting for aren't easy are they. Pain just becomes a simple compromise basically. I'm sure you want some exact examples of what I did right?

Of course you do. Well I actually did a few things. I think together these tips to save a marriage will help you tremendously because they work in harmony.

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First... I had to do a huge paradigm shift within my mind, and instead of concentrating on all the things that irritated me about my wife I actively started seeking things about her that I loved. It wasn't hard after all since I fell in love with her because of these things anyways. I had just lost focus and now had to switch that focus back in order to save my marriage. But I'm sure you know that that wasn't all by now don't you?

Second... When there was something that I found that bothered me, instead of going crazy and arguing... I simply let it go. I just stopped arguing. It was difficult at times because...well... I'm the arguing type to be honest. But instead of fights being a daily occurrence they started to dwindle down and the best part was that they didn't escalate to huge blowouts. Do you see how this could help?

Third... I let go of the thought of divorce. It had always been in the back of my mind as a solution, but I stopped with it and decided that it wasn't only the worst solution, but that it wasn't a solution at all. That was one of the greatest tips to save a marriage and maybe one of the most important ones. However you do realize that these aren't the end-all-be-all right?

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Studies show that the most successful marriages are based on mutual trust and understanding, and that marriages last the longest when both parties are assured of mutual complimenting of each other. When both parties are certain to give each other compliments all the time, then it is easy to keep loving someone. After all, who doesn't love someone that compliments them and makes them feel good? You can forget looks, weight, and height when it comes to a person that merely tells you that the inner you is a real good person and means it. Compliments are the critical key to have a smooth successful marriage over time.

Most couples are surprised when they find the marriage starts to falter after the honeymoon. Some couples start to fall off the wagon of monogamy after a troublesome and difficult wedding and honeymoon. Even though a wedding and honeymoon can be great, it can be quite stressful. New situations can cause loads of stress even if the changes are good. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay together throughout the thick and thin of a big event and vacation because this will be the first test of you going through a serious event together. You should also both talk about the expectations you have of one another in marriage. Oftentimes, expectations from the movies or wherever can color a partner's perception of the other partner, and they may do or not do things that meet your standards. These marriages often tend to fail because there has not been a lot of discussion about what would work and what would not work. Couples need an ironclad agreement in words before they engage in anything so strenuous as a marriage.

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Successful married couples also let the other individual keep what is individual to them. One person isn't swallowed up in the other person or in activities that both do together. Sometimes, a marriage can feel like a trap, and most couples do what they can to avoid this. Successful married couples also keep each other number one in the other's mind so that there's never any chance of other things getting in the way. It's important to keep the integrity of the relationship together in the midst of all these other activities because that is the bedrock upon which the marriage is based. Without a strong partnership, everything else will swallow the marriage. It is important to grant your partner a lot of leeway in determining who he or she is. It is also important to grant your partner the ability to switch roles with you so that both of you can see what the other's life is like. This will create empathy and more understanding in marriage. Couples that have a good idea of what the other's going through are less likely to get mad. Couples that have a deep feeling of respect for the other person are often the best people to stay married to one another.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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