Having an affiliate marketing blog is a very effective way to offer products while also building both your credibility and a following! The problem many affiliates encounter however is that to build a successful blog much of your focus needs to be placed on your readers! The typical affiliate mindset is to generate traffic, make product offers and earn commissions but when blogging this is NOT a good approach!

Here are 5 common errors made by affiliates that prevent them from developing a successful blog that will help them earn an income!

Greed Kills

Putting product offers above all else tends to repel your readers since they're there to view your content NOT your offers! Additionally by placing an emphasis on the money making aspect of your platform you're neglecting the most important thing any blogger should do which is to write great content! This is much like setting a mouse trap without using bait, you're bound to fall flat on your face!

Appearance Before Content

The information contain within your site is what people come to see and without it you have nothing to offer! Now don't get me wrong and think that the appearance of your site is not important since it is however don't neglect your most important responsibility which is creating good content! Your readers are more concerned about having interesting and relevant updates to view and NOT the 'cosmetics' of your platform! Without good quality reading material your blogging platform serves little purpose for visitors!

Too MUCH Optimizing

Optimization is a necessary part of your blogging strategy but too much of it can make your updates difficult to read! Using keywords 'correctly' can and will bring you search engine traffic but on the other hand, by placing too much focus in this area can make your updates difficult to read! Here again affiliates are accustomed to doing what they can to generate traffic, just don't compromise your content in doing so!

Unrealistic Expectations

Blogging is a process which calls for time to develop traffic and the loyalty of your readers! This is what makes up a successful blog however expecting overnight results can quickly lead to discouragement and frustration! This can and often does result in a lower quality of effort which is reflected in what you offer your readers and if they're not happy they will not return! Embrace the process and expect that it will take time or you'll be in for a big surprise and/or disappointment!

Lacking Patience

With a commitment to the process of building yourself a platform visitors will enjoy you'll need to be patient as to when you should make product offers! People must first feel comfortable returning to your site and you must encourage them to do so by posting great information! Once you're able to build up a sizable following you'll find it much easier to promote affiliate products to them! At this point trust and loyalty exist with your readers so they'll be more receptive to your product offers!

Your affiliate marketing blog can be a great way to make a living online provided you do NOT ignore the needs of your readers! Many affiliates fall 'victim' to the same errors however when trying to build a successful blog! Their primary focus tends to be on making products offers which leads them to commit the 5 errors discussed here today! For this approach to be more effective you MUST embrace the need to first establish a successful blog, which is one that has many loyal followers, and this takes time! On the other hand having a loyal following like this makes it much easier to present product offers that convert to sales which is what every affiliate ultimately wants!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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