You need to have original content in order to be at the top in ranking. This would allow you to have success in this field. There are many reasons why you should publish original content. With convenient ways of copying and pasting content, it has become quite difficult for people to publish original content. This is the reason that you should pay attention to this aspect. You should learn ways to safeguard copyrights in SEO. For this, you need to know ways that can help you in doing so. Following are the ways that can help you in safeguarding copyrights in SEO.

1. Leave Copyright Notice or Watermark:
As your content is out in public and it is sometimes confused with free content. There are times when the person who is stealing the content is aware of the act. There are many sites who allow people to copy the content and use it for free. In order to keep your content safe, you can leave copyright notice and watermark in order to keep your content away from thieves. This is one of the ways of telling people that the content is not free to use.

2. Use Google Authorship:
This is one of the easiest tools that one can use in order to protect the authorship of the content that you publish online. For this, you have to use your real name. Using pseudonym or ghostwriter can be problematic. This would protect your content and it will not be revealed to any person.

3. Seek Professional Service:
If you are confused about the rules and regulations and it is difficult for you to find the right way then you can always seek professional service. You can rely on best SEO agency near you as they can help you in learning ways to protect your content. This would help you to take some strong measures to keep your content protected. Or you can hire an international agency like to do your work.

4. Set Google Alerts:
You can set Google alerts in order to keep an eye on the content that you publish. This way you will be able to keep the track of the content. Moreover, with this tool, you can also catch the thieves. Keeping a track of your content and catching thieves are two different things and this tool can help you in doing both. So set the Google alerts so that you can keep the track.

5. Keep Modifying:
Keep modifying your content so that you can protect it from theft. If you have left the content as it is then it would be easy for the thieves to steal it. Making minor changes would help you to keep it original and you can save your data. So you should make sure that you are making changes in the content. This way you would be able to protect it.
These are some of the ways that can help you safeguard the SEO content. Copyright is your basic right and these steps should be enough to make your content original and well-protected.

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